Ep. 16 My Big Fat Greek Murder

When local beauty queen Julie Scully falls for George, the handsome Greek engineer on the cruise ship she is vacationing on, it sounds like a fairytale romance. Except for two things… 1) Julie is already married (with a kid), and 2) George may be mentally unstable. As their romance heats up, Julie decides to throw away her life in New Jersey and head to Greece with George. But, since this is Slaycation, things take a deadly turn. Was it a crime of passion or the pre-meditated plan of a con man? Find out on an episode that will have you hating us or loving us even more!


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our transcript


Speaker 3 00:42

I just want everybody to know I’m outraged on their behalf. Just kidding. No, I’m not.


Speaker 1 00:48

You know what though, let’s not start negative. I think there was some great positive feedback that came our way. There has been some great positive. You know what, there was… There was one that came, funny enough, I was just on a trip to South Africa for our friend Robert and Katie’s wedding.


Speaker 3 01:03

Congratulations, Robin and Katie.


Speaker 2 01:04

It was such an amazing wedding. The whole trip was incredible. Randomly this week, we received a review from Capetown.


Speaker 1 01:13



Speaker 2 01:14

I don’t think this review had anything to do with the fact that I was in Cape Town. But it is from Sun Van Hirden, and she says she’s enjoying the dark humor. She says, hi, I have tuned in from the very first episode on your podcast all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, where many tourists have unfortunately fallen victim to our insane crime rates.


Speaker 2 01:33

Side note, I did not experience Cape Town as feeling particularly crimey. I know that that’s an issue, but we had a great time there.


Speaker 1 01:41

Also, by the way, it was very brave of you to go on an actual vacation after we’ve started this show. You’re the first one to actually take that.


Speaker 2 01:49

but also went on a safari, which we’ve done safari murders. I did not, as you can tell, I did not get slayed on my vacation. In fact, I had a great time. I did not get slayed catered. She says, I’ve just started listening to episode 10 where you discuss listeners’ feedback and I have to say, I love your podcast.


Speaker 2 02:07

I enjoy the dark humor. I have literally laughed out loud plenty of times with you. Please ignore the naysayers and keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to slacating with you. Best regards from Sunny Cape Town, Sunae.


Speaker 2 02:20

Or Sunae, I’m not sure how to say her name. Thank you, we love you, we love her. We love all of our slayed caters. Our people. Our people. You get us, you get us, yeah. We also do love the negative reviews because they’re kind of fun.


Speaker 2 02:32

They are kind of fun.


Speaker 1 02:34

But before we get into that, you had a positive review, or should we save that?


Speaker 3 02:38

I need to give a shout out to my girl, Laura. Let me just start by just reading what she wrote. You all are hilarious. And I appreciate that you don’t shy away from airing your honest feelings toward controversial topics.


Speaker 3 02:52

But the thing that got me to write in is what Kim said about yarn. Yarn.


Speaker 1 02:59

Yarn like like spinning a yarn like you’re telling a story


Speaker 2 03:04

I think she means the yarn, because Kim was talking about yarn on which episode? The one on… Like knitting yarn. Knitting, yeah, because we were talking about the Hooters case in Myrtle Beach and how they were collecting Hooters stuff.


Speaker 2 03:16

You were talking about yarn and how obsessed you can get with yarn.


Speaker 3 03:20

Yes, that is true. Laura goes on to say, I too am an obsessed yarn whore and spend way too much time tracking down deals. That’s my girl right there.


Speaker 1 03:34

Wow. Yarn horse. I didn’t ever, never heard that term.


Speaker 4 03:38

I love it.


Speaker 2 03:39

I love it. I do love it.


Speaker 3 03:41

But I must stop buying yarn, and this is all in caps, which I can relate to. I have no savings left. I swear, when I die, they’ll find my body buried under a mound of yarn.


Speaker 4 03:59

I love this woman.


Speaker 2 04:01

So do I. I love her. So do I. I love her. I love that she’s spent all of her money on yarn.


Speaker 1 04:05

You know how you can make money? You could be a yarn prostitute to make the money to then buy the yarn. So it’s like-


Speaker 3 04:13

Anyway. Sorry.


Speaker 2 04:16

Are there any hooks involved in yearning yearning? There is


Speaker 3 04:21

He asks, are you a hooker or a stabber or both? Laura, I’m both, very much both. Can you confirm?


Speaker 2 04:30

This show hooking and stabbing could mean very different things. I think that’s what you’re joking. I don’t like it. I like her


Speaker 3 04:36

I’m the latter. I used to only knit, but during the pandemic, I really got into crocheting, too. I love this so much. Okay, I saw this funny bumper sticker, but I’m not brave enough to put it on my car.


Speaker 3 04:51

It says, I knit so I don’t stab people. Miley Cyrus. I love her. Anyway…


Speaker 1 05:00

Is that why that bumper sticker’s on our car now? You’re into it.


Speaker 3 05:04

Just kidding. You can interrupt. It’s okay. I give points. Anyway, I really enjoy your banter and swearing. Potty mouths unite. Thank you for putting out the show and keep up the great work. Girl, we fucking love you.


Speaker 3 05:20

Thank you for that. A special shout out to Laura, fellow knitter and crocheter, and yarn whore. I love it. Yarn whores unite. That’s great. Yeah. The struggle is real.


Speaker 2 05:33

Your people have found each other. Yes. Yes, they have.


Speaker 1 05:37

I found one that I wanted to read as well.


Speaker 2 05:40

Oh cool, another positive one?


Speaker 1 05:41

Uh, well, it says, um, skip it. Okay. Jerry is the only host who’s tolerable. The woman is not a good storyteller. A woman. Oh my God. And her husband offers nothing substantial. All he does is interrupt with questions.


Speaker 1 06:01

That’s your job. Well, which would be answered if he’d only let the woman finish the story. He also makes fun of people’s names in the third episode and it’s, it’s by a listener. Uh, it’s called listen to me 3303.


Speaker 1 06:17

Listen to me is the, uh,


Speaker 2 06:19

Listen to me 3 3 0 3 probably is probably one of our moms, right?


Speaker 1 06:23

Cry for help was already taken and listen to me. Just listen to me Well, we did listen yeah, we heard you you’ve been heard and mocked


Speaker 4 06:39

I’m a woman. I can’t just say Kim.


Speaker 2 06:42

They know my name. Really? They can’t, they can’t say Ken.


Speaker 1 06:45

That was the hardest part. Jerry is the only one who’s tolerable.


Speaker 3 06:49

But like, he is pretty tolerable.


Speaker 2 06:51

Let’s just talk for a second about that like as if that’s a compliment, right? Like I’m tolerable. That’s not a compliment guys I want to be clear like thanks. I was like, I went to dinner. They were tolerable.


Speaker 2 07:02

That’s like not it That’s not a great


Speaker 3 07:03

I think she probably is surrounded by tolerable people.


Speaker 1 07:08

I think people tolerate her and she’s passing on the tolerance. All right honey, take it easy. What? No, just kidding. Did you write this?


Speaker 4 07:20

Tolerable. I want to start. That is like.


Speaker 2 07:22

How was dinner? It was tolerable. Well, that’s the news.


Speaker 1 07:25

Well, now that we got all that off our chest, let’s start our case. Because there’s some people that are freaking out right now.


Speaker 2 07:33

Listen, we do tell them in the show notes we tell you in the show notes for those of you I just think that this should just get straight to the case We tell you in the show notes of what time in the episode the show starts So we don’t have to hear from yours too much banter too much fun.


Speaker 2 07:46

God forbid. There should be fun on a show called slaycation So much God forbid that three of us should have a nice time talking before we get into the details of the case You could freakin read on the fucking internet if you want So, you know, that is why we tell you in the show Case starts at x minutes and six so you can skip it and go to this point in the show where Kim will now take us to


Speaker 1 08:08

Just one last thing, I don’t know the case. These two, they know the case, I don’t know the case. So they’re gonna tell me the case, and you the listener, go for it, Kim. Where are we slacating today?


Speaker 3 08:19

All right, well, the first stop in this story takes place in November of 1997 on a Caribbean cruise ship, The Galaxy. On the Celebrity Cruise Line. So when 3rd engineer George Giadopoulos on the Celebrity Cruise Ship Galaxy first laid eyes on Julie Scully, he was smitten.


Speaker 3 08:45

So enamored was he with the exotic dark haired beauty. He remarked to a colleague that he was going to marry that woman. And naturally, as most men, taken with a pretty woman, George took every possible opportunity to form and ingratiate himself to curry favor with the pretty passenger.


Speaker 1 09:05

did. Not with the passenger with you. Oh, look how quickly she was ready to attack me and then.


Speaker 3 09:14

But I love you. You know I love you.


Speaker 4 09:19

of what is happening right now. Anyway.


Speaker 3 09:22

with Josh and I could leave if we need a minute. No, we’re good. Anyway, he called her cabin several times during the cruise to check in to make sure everything was to her liking. The guy works on the crew?


Speaker 3 09:35

Yes, if you were listening, I said he’s the third engineer. Third engineer, okay.


Speaker 1 09:41

I just thought there were three engineers on the boat and he happened to be the third one that got on. He’s actually employed for real.


Speaker 2 09:48

Caribbean on the boat. Okay.


Speaker 3 09:50

Yes. All right. Thank you. Anyway, so he made a point to reach out and make sure that everything was to her satisfaction. Right. And it was.


Speaker 1 09:59

OK, is that the job of the third engineer? It is not. OK, so the engines are all fucked up. The girl, the girl is nicely taken care of.


Speaker 2 10:07

It’s like, yeah, the cabin’s great, it’d be great if the engines were working. Look, I did that at the bagel store, so thanks.


Speaker 3 10:12

and a lot worse. Anyway, so the chemistry between these two were palpable. And at the conclusion of this voyage, Julie and George exchanged their information and Julie feeling every bit the giddy teenager in the throes of love regaled her friends of the tale of meeting of this handsome Greek sailor of whom she had developed deep and strong feelings.


Speaker 3 10:37

Nevermind she was married, but that- Wait, she was married? Oh, that just-


Speaker 2 10:42

married not just married but on the cruise with her husband


Speaker 1 10:46

But also did you say teen she’s not a teen it you’re saying she was like a baby. No, I


Speaker 3 10:50

said, like a giddy teena


Speaker 1 10:52

But she was how old? In her 30s. In her 30s. Did you say that too? Did I miss that? No. Okay. You’re allowed to ask questions. I don’t know. Between you and the reviewers.


Speaker 3 11:02

The guy is constantly interrupting. Anyway, so they kept in touch, Julian George, and they began a heated and passionate correspondence. They would speak and exchange love.


Speaker 1 11:13

letters. Right. Because this is the 90s. So there was no like texting and stuff. Right faxing, faxing. They were faxing each other. Yeah, they would fix


Speaker 3 11:21

And I was just squeezing erotic facts.


Speaker 1 11:25

That’s a stupid machine like going off all the time. Husband’s like not aware.


Speaker 4 11:30



Speaker 3 11:31

No, not really, he’s pretty oblivious, right?


Speaker 1 11:33

initially, the facts of life.


Speaker 2 11:36

Yeah. Oh, the facts of life. Should we burst into song? So, two puns in a sentence that no one under the age of 45 will, that’s all right.


Speaker 1 11:47

Our listeners apparently.


Speaker 3 11:48

or older. That’s right. Julie decided that she wanted to book another jaunt on the high seas and went to her husband and said, Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we go


Speaker 1 11:59

for another cruise on this very particular.


Speaker 3 12:02

Yes, in fact, you’re absolutely right because he was thinking yeah, okay. Maybe we’ll go enough on another boat


Speaker 1 12:09

And right when they’re booking the trip, it’s like, hey, just curious. Like, I don’t care who the captain is or the first or second engineer. But is a petty officer is George happened to be sure it’s George.


Speaker 1 12:21

Right. George Scopadopoulos. Well, you forget that. Papadopoulos from Skia -dopolis. George Papadopoulos was the dad from Webster.


Speaker 2 12:29

He’s actually based on this this petty officer


Speaker 3 12:36

So anyway, she did. It was the same celebrity cruise ship they booked, and they were just on it three months ago. Right. Two vacations in three months. Yeah, exactly. So in February of 1988, the next stop in this story, the galaxy would set sail, and Julie and George would be reunited, and they would consummate their relationship on this voyage.


Speaker 1 13:02

Mm -hmm like Leo and Kate in the car in Titanic once


Speaker 2 13:08

I wish I could tell you a member of what you’re talking about.


Speaker 1 13:10

The movie Titanic. I mean, I saw that movie. In a car. In the boat. Oh, in the hold. Oh, right. Yeah, I guess something like that.


Speaker 3 13:18

So, their love would intensify, and so would more proclamations of lust, more letters of sophomoric expressions of love and devotion, and his affectionate referencing of himself as…


Speaker 1 13:36

I don’t know that word.


Speaker 3 13:39

Okay. Are we having a funny nickname for ourselves?


Speaker 1 13:43

Okay. Wow, I’ve never seen Kim do that. Wow, look at this.


Speaker 4 13:49



Speaker 1 13:50

So disrespectful.


Speaker 2 13:52

Nobody’s died yet. This is fine. Okay.


Speaker 3 13:55

Okay. All right. So his affectionate name for himself was Julie’s macho baby, man


Speaker 4 14:03

Oh, it’s so dumb. It’s the worst nickname.


Speaker 2 14:09

Oh, by the way, can we just mention what I’m thinking about Julie? So Julie Julie is married to a guy named Tim Tim Nist. They actually have a child Oh, I should mention that as well She was maybe a little over a year.


Speaker 2 14:23

Oh, yeah, baby. Yes. She’s like one or two years old at this point


Speaker 3 14:27

Anyway, and they would rack up about $7 ,000 in phone calls and fax.


Speaker 2 14:33

And these bills coming in, because let’s just.


Speaker 1 14:36

I thought you were going to say licensing fees for that name as you put it on stickers and shirts.


Speaker 2 14:43

This was back in the 90s and just for listeners who were not paying bills at the time or were not particularly old. So you used to have to pay for long distance calls, right? So now you can use your cell phone, you can call anywhere anytime, it doesn’t cost more.


Speaker 2 14:59

But it used to be like, you know, 10 cents, 20, 30 cents a minute to call anywhere non -local. And when it was these phone calls and faxes that got Tim to know it was up because the phone bill came in and he was like, what the hell?


Speaker 2 15:14

It was like thousands and thousands of dollars of long distance calls. And that’s where he was. So that was when he first became aware that he knew of George’s existence. Right. And he knew that they were friendly.


Speaker 2 15:29

He thought they were just friendly like, oh, you know, like the guy who works on a cruise ship and you’re friendly with, he had no idea until that point when he got these phone bills in 1998, summer of 98, that there was this crazy, you know, ongoing thing between his wife and George.


Speaker 1 15:45

And he didn’t just expect or suspect that maybe they were just friends. Well, I’m just talking to George from the boat every night. I mean, 16 months straight.


Speaker 2 15:55

You know, he may have been maybe he was like willfully ignorant, you know, they were they’ve been married in 90 I think was 90. Yeah, you know, they’d had they’ve been together for a little while and you know Maybe one of these things where he just didn’t didn’t choose to see it right, you know


Speaker 1 16:12

and the big pile of faxes. The faxes, I think. Well, that’s when he noticed.


Speaker 3 16:16

Oh, yeah, but yeah, I think like he was doing his thing right and you know you say 93


Speaker 2 16:26



Speaker 1 16:26

That’s when Kim and I met. It was.


Speaker 3 16:29



Speaker 2 16:29

Yes. One other interesting fact about Julie before, because now we’re sort of laid the groundwork with how they met on this cruise and the faxes and the phone calls. So she was a model, right? She was very pretty.


Speaker 2 16:40

She was like a local tri -state area model.


Speaker 3 16:45

submitted her picture, her and her husband submitted a picture to a local newspaper.


Speaker 2 16:51

Yeah, and so she’d won one contest. She’d been in she’d been doing advertisements There was she actually had gone on the Moripovitch show in 1992 with the editor of the The page six which I guess a deli news or New York Post.


Speaker 2 17:06

Hmm. Remember which one though? I think it was


Speaker 3 17:10

It wasn’t the post, though.


Speaker 2 17:12

One of these New York tabloid daily papers have been getting attacked by women’s rights activists, and she went on Moripovich to defend.


Speaker 3 17:24

She was like, you women libbers. Yeah. Oh, she took the other side. Took the other side. Yeah. Okay.


Speaker 2 17:29

She also was on hard copy.


Speaker 1 17:31

Moripovitch was also like, Macho Baby Man, you are not the father!


Speaker 2 17:37

Different Maury Povichira, but, you know, yes. She was pretty well known around because she was a model. She was a local celebrity. She was a little celebrity. You got a picture of her? Yes. Oh, here’s what it was.


Speaker 2 17:51

She was frequently pictured in the Page Six Girls section of Trenton, New Jersey. That’s what it was. Trenton’s tabloid paper, The Trentonian. Her image on billboards helped boost the newspaper’s circulation and made her a local celebrity.


Speaker 2 18:04

And she got promotional work for beer brands like Coors Light. And this is her here. This is actually her with…


Speaker 1 18:11

See, I can’t look up too much stuff because I don’t want to know anything about the case.


Speaker 2 18:15

that’s her with that’s her with her husband and her baby gotcha okay now he was a very wealthy guy at his own


Speaker 3 18:23

landscaping business.


Speaker 2 18:25

very successful, very wealthy. They met on a yacht party. So anyway, so that’s a little background. So now we’re at the point, sorry Kim, I just wanted to sidebar on Julie.


Speaker 3 18:33

This is how we… Yeah.


Speaker 1 18:35

So she’s a local celebrity. They lived in Jersey?


Speaker 2 18:38

Trenton, New Jersey. So now we’re up to the point where husband Tim has discovered the phone bills, fax bills.


Speaker 3 18:47

He’s he’s he’s aware and you know, there was a point to where her and George had planned to get away in Toronto and she had met his ship on a port call and It was around this time where her and George decided that they needed to be together like


Speaker 1 19:08

Leave Tim. Yeah, leave Tim.


Speaker 3 19:10

Tim. Take the baby? No. Well, she tried to say she was going to take the baby, but he wasn’t gonna just go, okay.


Speaker 1 19:21

I mean, what, right. Now let me just back up one second. Tim, when he discovered that there was an affair, he knew it was George from the boat. Yeah. Yes.


Speaker 3 19:30

Yes, I mean, I think he was aware that they were talking. I don’t think he was aware that it was a fiery, passionate baby George.


Speaker 2 19:41

He was happy to book the second trip around George being on the boat because George had been friendly with them as a couple.


Speaker 1 19:48

He didn’t know that correct that they were having a thing right before the second. So what I would have done if I was him Don’t just as I would have booked a third trip. Hey, guess what? Let’s go on another cruise and then you got both of them there to throw off the boat Catch them in the act.


Speaker 1 20:09

Uh -huh. Go crazy. Throw them off the boat


Speaker 2 20:12

I mean, I’m just saying that’s an option. It is an option. It’s not what happened.


Speaker 3 20:16

Okay, I mean the interesting thing too is it was during this period where she was having some mental health issues she was struggling with depression she was also drinking and partaking in alcohol and substances and I think also Tim was wanting to help lift her spirits so he was open to kind of doing whatever it would take to you know make her happy.


Speaker 3 20:46

Like letting her be with her boyfriend. Well I don’t know that that’s…


Speaker 1 20:49

No. No, not that. Okay. That’s too far.


Speaker 3 20:53

But Julie would pack up all her worldly possessions, and on December 6, 1998, a little over a year after that first encounter on the galaxy, Julie would board a plane to her destination, Kavala, Greece, to begin her new life with George.


Speaker 3 21:16

That’s the home.


Speaker 2 21:17

of George. George had actually come to the States, right? So after Tim, husband Tim discovered the faxes and the phone calls and stuff that kind of secret was out in the open. George actually came to the States and was living with Julie.


Speaker 2 21:34

In the States. In the States, I think they got an apartment.


Speaker 3 21:38

understanding. And this, she, her and her husband, it’s split. Yeah. And


Speaker 2 21:42

It was very brief this living together thing in the states was like a month right and during this time Julie’s mom was staying with Julia was staying with Julie she Immediately sized up this guy George and was like actually had a huge fight with him and was like I know what you are You’re the kind of guy who prays on women you’re after money I don’t believe a word you’re saying about anything and had a huge huge fight that led to George like that fight is what like incentivize George to be like I gotta Leave and go back to the grease and you need to come with me


Speaker 3 22:18

he actually he had attacked her. Yeah. And he was he being he George attacked the mom or Yeah, he physically assaulted her. He grabbed her by


Speaker 1 22:28

He grabbed Julia’s mom. Yes, by the throat.


Speaker 3 22:32

Yeah. And the police were called. And the authorities basically said to him, so here’s the thing. If you don’t leave this country, we’re going to pursue charges.


Speaker 1 22:47

Oh, that’s nice to have that option It is but not everybody gets that. Oh, so if I just leave I’m okay Right. So that’s kind of what he did right and then he took her with it Yeah, this woman left after this guy assaulted her mother.


Speaker 1 23:00

Correct. Yeah. Okay, I can understand


Speaker 2 23:04

So and left and also let’s you know remind you she left without her daughter. Yeah, right She left everything behind without her friends and she goes to kava. Yes


Speaker 1 23:13

You said you took all of her worldly possessions, except for one, her daughter.


Speaker 3 23:18

Her daughter’s not her worldly possession, but yes, I know what you mean.


Speaker 2 23:21

Well, the other the otherworldly possession was that when the marriage ended, which it did in November 98, right before she moved to Kavala, she received a very hefty I’ve seen six.


Speaker 3 23:33

and eight, did you confirm? I did too, and I couldn’t.


Speaker 2 23:37

somewhere between a $600 ,000 and $800 ,000 settlement.


Speaker 3 23:42

divorce settlement. And of course you know she opened up a bank account for her Greek George baby man.


Speaker 2 23:53

puts a hundred and forty thousand of the settlement in the joint account with George because he wants to go back to Kavala and put the money into a taxi company in Greece business one does yeah why not


Speaker 5 24:08

The Hargan women seemed to have it all. From the outside looking in, we were blessed. My mom was amazing. But as detectives would soon learn, there was a lot going on inside the Hargan household. Ashley and I have been calling my mom and the house and Helen.


Speaker 5 24:24

No one’s answering. 63 -year -old Pamela Hargan gunned down in her own home. Her youngest daughter, Helen, lay dead upstairs.


Speaker 3 24:33

patrol when they arrived as soon


Speaker 2 24:34

or thought that there might have been a murder suicide.


Speaker 5 24:38

but for the detectives on the scene. There were things about the scene itself that were concerning to us on day one. Who would want to kill their mother and their little sister? There is no boogeyman here.


Speaker 5 24:50

It is exactly who we think it is. I’m Peter Van Sant from 48 Hours. This is Blood is Thicker, the Hargen Family Killings. Listen to Blood is Thicker, the Hargen Family Killings, wherever you get your podcasts.


Speaker 4 25:08



Speaker 1 25:10

Zorba, the taxi company.


Speaker 3 25:15

Yeah, I mean, and her friends were not psyched. I mean, they were, they- Why would they be? Well, exactly. It’s interesting when your friends start really making it known that they think you’re crazy.


Speaker 1 25:29

Right. I mean, is she having a midlife crisis of sorts?


Speaker 2 25:33

Was she too young for that? As Kim said, she’s having mental issues, right? And so there’s a question of like, you know, look, she is a woman who, for most of her life had been treated, how society treats beautiful women, right?


Speaker 2 25:47

So you get everything, doors are opening and it’s like, she’s getting older, her looks are fading, she has a baby.


Speaker 3 25:55

she was heavier and not being able to take that weight off was really weighing.


Speaker 2 25:59

So it could be one of these things where she’s just having a total identity crisis meltdown, right that she’s getting depressed But she’s definitely having mental issues that led her to Like really get into the fact that this guy was paying so much attention to her.


Speaker 2 26:15



Speaker 3 26:16

I mean, and I think, too, that a lot of it was, was that her whole identity was her looks. Her whole identity was being pretty and being noticed and being the hottest girl in the room. Right. I can relate.


Speaker 3 26:31

Right. So you know, you know the pain. I do. Of not… I was going to say, I can’t relate.


Speaker 1 26:36

Really? For the first year.


Speaker 2 26:40

of my life, I was the most beautiful child.


Speaker 1 26:43

Even in Trenton, I was not.


Speaker 2 26:48

I’m hot and Schenectady there goes now we’re gonna get one -star reviews Hocus Hocus I’ve always wondered about that name every time I try Pat like hocus. What is that for? It’s got to be


Speaker 1 27:04

hahokas and sikahokas.


Speaker 3 27:07

Yeah, but I think something was really going on with her internally, and I think, you know, she was also in therapy. I had read somewhere that the therapist was encouraging her to leave her husband. Oh, I didn’t see that.


Speaker 3 27:22

That’s interesting.


Speaker 2 27:23

Which one do you know why?


Speaker 3 27:25

I guess they felt like it wasn’t a good match, that he wasn’t as sensitive to her struggle, wasn’t as attentive as he could be. Every woman in America would be getting divorced to this therapist. Right, I mean, except for me, but yes, exactly, exactly.


Speaker 1 27:46

I was going to make a landscaper ignoring the Bush’s joke, but that would be ridiculous.


Speaker 3 27:51

Which is an interesting thing too, because that’s got to be very disorienting.


Speaker 2 27:56

Well, hold on though, like, that’s an interesting thing to say about this guy because he is taking her on these cruises, right, to try and lift her mood. He seems like, from what I’d read, he was trying to be attentive.


Speaker 3 28:10

Yeah. Great dad. Yeah. Absolutely. That’s weird advice.


Speaker 2 28:14

for the therapy, if that is actually with the therapist. Yeah, I mean, it’s.


Speaker 1 28:18

Was the therapist just on the boat? The therapist was George. It was just a random on the boat. It was George.


Speaker 4 28:24

as long as they’re-


Speaker 2 28:25

What’s your problem like sit next? Yes. My name is George, and you should leave your wife immediately Star that’s my Greek accent Higher country of Greece has just given us


Speaker 3 28:37

There you go. Julie was very excited to begin this chapter in her life. I mean, she wanted to bring her daughter with her. Oh, but it was not to be. It was.


Speaker 1 28:49

Oh, so Tim was just like, no, you can go. Exactly. The kid stays here. And her mom. And everybody.


Speaker 2 28:57

He was like, no, you’re not taking, you’re not taking the baby to groups.


Speaker 1 28:59

Right. Her mom with fresh choke prints on her neck. Exactly. Fuck you. You’re not taking her mom


Speaker 2 29:05

She actually had a tattoo done on the joke print, so she could always hide. No, she did. She really did. No. No, no, I’m kidding. That didn’t happen. That’s not a thing.


Speaker 1 29:13

Wow, you’re the only one that’s tolerable. What does that say about us? Okay, so she’s starting a new in Greece end of story, right? This is great. Happy ending. That’s great. Happy ending. Anyway, so let’s feel like we’re missing something.


Speaker 3 29:31

Well, so she’s in Greece and together they enjoy all the things that you do when you arrive in a new place with your honey and you’re going to start this new life. So they enjoyed some sightseeing and partaking in some authentic Greek foods and shopping at the local markets and enjoying the warm Mediterranean sea air.


Speaker 3 29:56

It was the beginning of their life together.


Speaker 1 30:00



Speaker 3 30:01

And on January 8th, 1999, Julie and George would obtain their marriage license. So she was officially divorced at this point. Yes, the settlement had been paid out. She was ready to make it go.


Speaker 1 30:19

bank account or everything’s set.


Speaker 3 30:20

Right. There came a point where she started having second thoughts. She reportedly was missing her kid. Bad. She was…


Speaker 2 30:30

Really missing her kid. Yeah, she was a good mom and leaving her daughter behind, but you know did not check the box of good mom


Speaker 1 30:37

Good mom, maybe not great mom, is what you’re thinking.


Speaker 3 30:41

Look, I’m not going to judge, but I’m going to judge. For me personally, and this is just, there’s no world where I’m leaving my daughter for some rando dude. Right.


Speaker 2 30:52

I mean, just to give her, I cut her a little slack, she really did want her daughter with her. She did, she did. I think she thought she was going to figure out a way to make it work, even though if you’re using logic, it’s not going to work.


Speaker 2 31:08

You’re in a small town in Greece, your daughter’s in New Jersey, there’s no way this is going to work. I don’t think she was thinking logically.


Speaker 3 31:16

thinking logically. She wasn’t thinking through, because the reality of it too is if she was thinking about it, she would realize, yeah, I don’t really know this guy. And since I don’t really know this guy, should I have my kid around him?


Speaker 2 31:31

Well, but the thing is, what she did know was like, he assaulted her mom, he moved in very quickly to like, you know, like there was this like all the sort of red flags, but I think, you said earlier, like she was like a giddy teenager because I think she had missed those feelings.


Speaker 2 31:51

That’s exactly right.


Speaker 3 31:52

of like, oh my God, look, oh my God, he’s looking at me.


Speaker 2 31:58

I think it put her in this mind state of like, almost like teenagerness where you’re like, you’re not really thinking about consequences or logic, and there’s no other explanation for her being like, yes, great, I’m going to put a bunch of money in a bank account for a cab company in Greece, leave my daughter and my mom, who you just assaulted, and move to another country and marry you.


Speaker 1 32:17

Well, you know, a lot of movies start that way.


Speaker 2 32:21

No, like the new J .Lo thing. Which I have not watched. I’ve only seen the trailer. Sure. I’ve not watched. I’ve thankfully watched it and was like, you know.


Speaker 1 32:32

Okay, so she’s having second thoughts. She’s in Greece. Yeah, friends would… She’s like, you know what, I’m getting a little sick of listening to Yanni every day. Nobody can…


Speaker 3 32:39

I get sick of listening to you, Ani. Every day? Every day.


Speaker 2 32:42

Love you. I know it is one of the most shocking things about you, and I love it. I want to see


Speaker 1 32:48

him as a joke, we went to make fun, and then I walked out a fan of Yanni.


Speaker 3 32:55

And then he took me to a Yanni. I did. How did you like it? It was fine. It was good.


Speaker 1 32:59

It was fine. It was good. It was… You said you loved it. I did. You said you fucking loved it. I don’t know if I said I fucking loved it. It was tolerable.


Speaker 2 33:07

Thank you.


Speaker 4 33:07

It was like Jerry. Like Jerry. It was a little Jerry -ish.


Speaker 3 33:11

Oh gosh. Okay, so now what? So she was now calling friends and just sort of lamenting about, I think I made a big mistake and I don’t think that I can.


Speaker 1 33:23

We heard friends like, told you so, one star.


Speaker 3 33:27



Speaker 1 33:27

Yeah. Listen to me. 3 3 3. Exactly. You should have listened to me. You should have listened to me. Okay, you guys.


Speaker 3 33:33

Alright, alright, alright, simmer down. Yeah, putting you in the middle, you got stereo assholes.


Speaker 2 33:38

This new this new configuration may not be the way to go


Speaker 4 33:43

We can, we can, yeah.


Speaker 3 33:44

Yeah, anyways, all right. Anyway, so friends would report that the last time anyone spoke to her was January 6th. Julie had, again, was just like, she wanted to come home and was ready to just…


Speaker 1 34:01

up and leave. Up and leave. Okay. And she goes missing. Well, yeah.


Speaker 3 34:05

pretty much.


Speaker 1 34:06

Sorry, I don’t mean to jump in.


Speaker 3 34:07

No, but it’s pretty much exactly what happened.


Speaker 2 34:11

Well, and just to remind, you know, like, this is 99, so cell phones are starting. But like, we were way before the time and everybody had a phone check -in. So like, she, you know, spoke to her family on January 6th.


Speaker 2 34:23

Right. I mean, she’s not.


Speaker 3 34:24

texting them. She’s not like to make a phone call was a whole production.


Speaker 2 34:29

lot of money right yeah and you had to like dial it was like a whole thing with operators and you know so now it’s like operators oh my god you know but she’s she’s not missing in the sense that nobody would think she was missing because she’s only reaching out to them you know every week so there’s no alarm bells there


Speaker 1 34:49

There’s no alarm bells. When does the alarm bells start to sound?


Speaker 3 34:51

George reported Julia missing on January 10th, 1999. He had reported that they had gotten into a heated argument and that they decided to just take a break, walk it off, cool down, and reconvene, but that she had never returned.


Speaker 3 35:11

So that was…


Speaker 2 35:12

And he specifically said that I left her at a McDonald’s so she was fine and then I didn’t see her again. Right. She just disappeared. Just disappeared after that.


Speaker 1 35:20

all that delicious Greek food and you’re eating at McDonald’s. That is just, that is a crime as well. All that, but they, you know, all they sell.


Speaker 2 35:27

there is gyro big bags and Greek fries, which is authentic Greek food.


Speaker 1 35:33

Right. Big Mac with lamb. Yeah.


Speaker 3 35:35

Exactly. All right. The police had him go on TV and he initially wasn’t really wanting to do that, but he did go on TV and…


Speaker 2 35:47

sing dance whatnot but a flower in his mouth is like I’m reluctant I don’t have any talents yeah they had him go on and talk about you know where he saw her last word what what she was wearing and all this and it led to no no leads yeah I mean in the


Speaker 3 36:04

the police were a little surprised at his reluctance. Right.


Speaker 1 36:07

They’re living together. I mean, they they’re married there. So they had this fight at McDonald’s. They allegedly go off in separate directions. And then she doesn’t show up. And then how long till he reports are missing a day or two or was a few days later.


Speaker 1 36:23

Gotcha. Was he, by the way, a taxi owner guy at this point, or is he still working? No, no.


Speaker 3 36:28

I don’t think that they had even. Oh, he’s just living off the money. Right.


Speaker 1 36:32

right right Wow all right we’ll be right back with more sleigh -cating right after a quick word from our sponsor


Speaker 2 36:42

So, he’d reported her missing, he’d gone on TV, told the story about McDonald’s and the fight and what she was wearing, and nobody saw her again until January 26, 1999. So 16 days after he reported her missing, 20 days after the last time she spoke to her family, who are now obviously panicked.


Speaker 2 37:02

So January 26, 1999, in northern Greece, a suitcase is found in a swamp, a suitcase. When the suitcase is open, they find a burnt and beheaded body, and they quickly determine that it is, they’re able to determine that it’s Julie.


Speaker 1 37:25

but no head no head just a body stuffed in a suitcase in a swamp in a swamp in Greece correct


Speaker 2 37:32

And so at this point, you know, he’s obviously he’s suspect number one, you know, last person who saw her and nobody’s seen or heard from her since. And he’s admitted that they had a fight and it’s not looking good for George.


Speaker 2 37:48

Right. And they definitely identified it as her.


Speaker 1 37:52

fingerprints or whatever.


Speaker 2 37:53

They, I don’t know exactly how they identified, but they were very certain.


Speaker 1 37:57

It was her because if you’re gonna go through the trouble of cutting off the head you got to cut off the hands too, right?


Speaker 2 38:03

Is this your, like, takeaway already from the episode? It’s not takeaway. Jesus.


Speaker 1 38:07

Kim, it’s a serial killer project. Sorry.


Speaker 3 38:10

Did they find the body first? Because I understood it that he led them to her body after they had grilled him and… Well…


Speaker 2 38:22

You tend to do better research than me, so I’m gonna go with that, that sounds, yeah, I mean, if that, oh my god, Kim’s totally right. I read my notes wrong.


Speaker 1 38:40

Oh my god. Jerry is the only one that’s tolerable. Or did she misspell terrible?


Speaker 2 38:49

My husband often refers to me as confidently incorrect, right? Yes, you are a hundred thousand percent correct. He 100 ,000 percent confessed to them and then led them to the suitcase.


Speaker 1 39:05

first, the day Kim was correct.


Speaker 2 39:09

I would say you could mark it as a day that was confidently incorrect, that it happened so frequently. Right. Right.


Speaker 3 39:14

Oh my god. So wait. He confessed. What made him confess though? The police were just riding him.


Speaker 1 39:22

I thought it was because they found a suitcase. No, uh, wait, the police were riding him and then he just couldn’t. He cracked. He cracked. I mean, it was just, you know. He was playing it perfectly.


Speaker 3 39:33

Was he? I don’t know. Anyway, so he admits he stuffed her body in a suitcase.


Speaker 1 39:40

And he led them to the suitcase.


Speaker 3 39:41

Yes, Jerry gave a very vivid correct description of her body, which was she was decapitated He had tried to set her on fire. He needed to take her head off allegedly because he couldn’t fit her in the suit Oh, that’s why he did it


Speaker 2 39:56

Get a bigger suitcase, dude. I know. Like, really? That’s the thing.


Speaker 4 40:00

That’s the solution, chop the head off.


Speaker 1 40:03



Speaker 2 40:03

one in Greece. I’m pretty sure he could have gotten a bigger suitcase.


Speaker 3 40:07

He did kiss her decapitated head before throwing it into the sink. Wait, what?


Speaker 4 40:13

This is terrible. This is terrible. Wait, he did what? He kissed him.


Speaker 1 40:21

I give Julia’s


Speaker 4 40:21

baby vacho man we just got one stars from so many people i’m giving you one star i don’t think any of us are tolerable this is oh my god


Speaker 1 40:31

He kissed the head and then threw it in the sea to the Aegean.


Speaker 4 40:35

That’s right.


Speaker 2 40:38

God, people are fucked up.


Speaker 4 40:40

Right but we’re the assholes


Speaker 2 40:47

Yeah chopping his wife’s head off and throw kissing it before throwing it in the sea and burning her body by the way How do they know that detail?


Speaker 1 40:55

He told him. He told them? He told them. Was he trying to get like some time off?


Speaker 2 40:59

I gave her a kiss he what he really was I mean he was he was saying that this all was it was a passionate Rage that he was in because she said because she was leaving. I’m gonna go home. I miss my daughter and This was his answer and he he thought by explaining all of the the kissing the head Rage that this would somehow make it a crime of passion, right?


Speaker 2 41:23

Which theoretically he thought would get him a lesser sentence or some kind of sympathy Did it work well?


Speaker 3 41:31



Speaker 4 41:34

And now word for McDonald’s. Oh my God.


Speaker 2 41:40

Holy shit, this poor woman’s Julie. I mean, it’s just horrible. She’s this young woman who’s just trying to, like, live her life. She was having all these mental struggles. She was, and I have to say,


Speaker 3 41:51

I felt sorry for her because, you know, she didn’t have an easy childhood. Her parents had a very volatile relationship, or haven’t come from crazy. I understand how one leans into the crazy instead of, you just, when you don’t have the example of what a relationship looks like, being a good mother looks like, you’re kind of left to figure out a lot of that stuff yourself.


Speaker 3 42:14

Right. She really just was not equipped with the tools. She just wasn’t. And there was really nobody there to, you know.


Speaker 1 42:23

Well, it seems like the tragedy is like she kind of had it The good unless there was really stuff uncovered between her and her husband that we don’t know, but we’ve never know I mean


Speaker 3 42:34

He seemed like a decent guy. Right.


Speaker 1 42:37

I’m just saying like she had the potential, not the dream per se, but she had a good thing going and then she The craziness forced her out of that into the hands of her. I mean he was a little


Speaker 3 42:49

weird. He was into civil war reenactments. And I personally think that’s a little strange. But look, that certainly doesn’t mean he’s not a good husband. Which side? He was, I don’t know.


Speaker 2 43:00

that would tell us everything we need to know. It really would. Yeah, it really would. So, yeah, so she did lean into the crazy. She did. And also her poor mom, her mom, who was like.


Speaker 3 43:10

Her mother had all kinds of issues with alcohol and addiction. Julie, as a kid, had run away from home several times.


Speaker 1 43:22

Her relationship with her mom was not great, you’re saying.


Speaker 3 43:25



Speaker 1 43:26

which could explain why the fight with George and my mom was not a deal breaker.


Speaker 3 43:33

Or maybe she just, it wouldn’t have mattered because she wanted this to work. She wanted this. I mean, look, Kim’s tried to strangle my mom several times. That is not true. I love you, Dana. Don’t believe what he’s saying.


Speaker 3 43:44

Don’t believe it. It’s lies. It is. It is lies. Okay. Thank you. Anyway, but I think she…


Speaker 1 43:51

her mind, though, she’s.


Speaker 3 43:55

Anyway, he’s trying to get me in trouble.


Speaker 2 43:57

You really are. Dana will fuck you up, by the way. She will fuck you up, so you better watch it.


Speaker 3 44:02

But I think, too, I think that there was this sort of, you know, deep -seated insecurity with her as well. Because I think that when you are so focused on your looks, I think that sort of speaks to a very deep -seated insecurity.


Speaker 3 44:19

Because that’s what’s keeping you up. That’s your whole sense of self, your whole self -esteem is based on that. And in fact, there was a story that I had read about her hounding her husband about his secretary, because for some reason, she was very threatened by the fact that he had this woman working for him.


Speaker 3 44:43

And she would literally bully the secretary.


Speaker 2 44:48

Oh, okay.


Speaker 3 44:50

That’s not that uncommon. I don’t know I think that’s crazy


Speaker 2 44:54

crazy, but I don’t think it’s that uncommon for women to be a little iffy about the hot secretary at the office.


Speaker 1 45:01

Kim, did you say she was hot?


Speaker 3 45:03

They did not.


Speaker 2 45:04

I’m assuming, but why would you hire a secretary?


Speaker 4 45:11



Speaker 3 45:14

You raise a good point. Maybe I’m the one. I really just try and get rid of my-


Speaker 4 45:18

It’s horrible.


Speaker 1 45:19

You are getting rid of your tolerance. I wonder if Kim and I are becoming more tolerant. I’m actively.


Speaker 2 45:24

This is the episode where I actively work to eliminate my child stars.


Speaker 1 45:28

Like the Hannah Montana is sick of being the goody twos like you’re having your Miley Cyrus moment over here


Speaker 2 45:34

But really, I mean, it’s probably hot.


Speaker 3 45:37

Here’s the thing like why would she be jealous like she got the secretary eventually quit and he said


Speaker 1 45:44

being bullied by the wife of the owner.


Speaker 3 45:47

Yeah, and he said he would hire an ugly. No.


Speaker 2 45:51

Thank you. So then she was hot if he’s saying I’ll hire maybe yeah, so going back to our case So George has confessed he’s led them to the body feels open and shut. He is Then in jail February 8th, which is about two weeks after he led them to the to the body He said listen the only punishment that I deserve is death.


Speaker 2 46:15

Yep, right Which is convenient to say in Greece because they don’t have the death penalty


Speaker 1 46:24

Yeah. So rewrite the law for me.


Speaker 2 46:27

Yeah. A couple of weeks later, February 27th, Tim, her husband, her ex -husband, flies to Greece with the permission of the Greek authorities to retrieve the body. To murder George. And services, multiple services are held at home.


Speaker 2 46:43

She’s cremated and she scattered, her ashes are scattered at a campground in Cape May, New Jersey, which is a place she loved to visit as a child.


Speaker 3 46:53

and four jurors in a panel of three judges found Mr. Skiatopoulos guilty of premeditated murder, guilty of three misdemeanor counts, which included perjury and false testimony and desecrating the dead.


Speaker 3 47:10

He was given the maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.


Speaker 2 47:17

by George and he tried he tried so hard to call himself to get the mental instability and sanity and you know I kissed her and all the things he’d done yeah he tried to say that what show that he was insane mentally unstable and nobody nobody bought it


Speaker 1 47:36

Right, because that’s the catch -22. You can’t say you’re crazy because look at all the crazy things I said. If you know you’re crazy enough, then yeah. So when you say…


Speaker 3 47:45

I’m going to, you know, give me death or whatever. You know, what do you do when you’re found guilty and sentenced to life? You appeal. That’s what you do. You appeal for death. No, you appeal because three years later, he would win an appeal telling the court during the hearing.


Speaker 3 48:01

I was in a haze when she said she would leave me. I had planned my life with her. It was a moment of intense passion.


Speaker 1 48:12

Is that what he sounded like?


Speaker 2 48:13

More of the Greek accent though. Gotcha. You want to try that again? No, it was pretty good. I don’t want to hear that again.


Speaker 1 48:19

Ha ha ha ha!


Speaker 4 48:22

All right, wait, so he sent it.


Speaker 3 48:25

was then reduced to 23 years, and he served eight. What? Yeah, so…


Speaker 2 48:30

So he’s been out for decades on the boat. He was given reduced time based on his good behavior and all this other nonsense. Like it was just a crazy weird like they reduced him to 23.


Speaker 3 48:50

Yeah, it was reduced to 23 years he got out in eight. He was released from prison in 2007 and resumed his life in Kavala, Greece. He’s now the president of Greece. Well, he’s not the president, but he is married with children.


Speaker 3 49:04

Running the economy.


Speaker 1 49:06

married with children, is he running the taxi? Well, that I don’t know. Wait a second.


Speaker 2 49:11

This is him with Julie on the ship.


Speaker 3 49:15

That was the other thing, too, that she was buying him. He was balding. She was going to hook him up with one of those treatments that they do. Right, he could have used that.


Speaker 1 49:24

Use the hair of his eyebrow.


Speaker 3 49:28

His the hair and it’s all it’s a big six


Speaker 1 49:31

That was awesome.


Speaker 2 49:32

It’s a big, thick unibrow. And then I was curious what happened to her daughter, right, because…


Speaker 3 49:36

Well, her daughter, her father, yeah, and she’s a happy, well -adjusted kids doing a team. Yeah. Look at her. She’s adorable. A couple of years ago. She is adorable. Oh, yeah. And there’s no doubt that her dad offered her solid, stable.


Speaker 1 49:51

Well, she was young enough when mom left, right? I mean she was very young. Yes, she was a baby So she really didn’t know her mom. No So it makes it sad but also makes it well, I guess the trauma. Yeah, I mean I hate to say it But it doesn’t seem to make it less traumatic Wow


Speaker 2 50:10

The daughter will not eat Greek food though, that is the one thing. That’s not true. That’s not true.


Speaker 1 50:15

Cherry is going all in. I like it. I like it.


Speaker 3 50:21

Oh my god, you guys. I have to say, and this is just my takeaway. Listen to your mom. It’s hard for people to listen to their moms, especially if they’re like, my mom’s crazy. That is true. That is very true.


Speaker 3 50:32

Although my mom was crazy and she had this uncanny ability to be right. So I think the takeaway really is if all your friends are telling you that what you’re telling them is sounding batshit crazy, I think it would behoove you to take a minute and just ponder.


Speaker 3 50:49

You know, look within and ask yourself, could it be?


Speaker 1 50:55

Maybe it’s me.


Speaker 3 50:57

I mean I think we all could benefit from just taking a moment and just saying to ourselves okay everyone is telling me this is a bad idea.


Speaker 1 51:08

Right. Yeah, but you don’t strike me as the kind of person that stops and looks within. Well, I do have other people tell you stuff and you’re like, Oh, I will listen to them.


Speaker 3 51:19

People that I love and care about, I do care about what they say, and people that I trust that have my best interest.


Speaker 1 51:31

I, who are these people that aren’t me?


Speaker 2 51:37

well like it’s easy to sit here and I mean I agree it’s it’s an easy but it’s like to say like oh if people are around you you know listen to them not necessarily do what they are like when you’re in that but


Speaker 3 51:50

But I think it’s something to just take pause.


Speaker 2 51:53

But usually people getting in these situations are having some sort of mental instability or an issue that is that’s the very thing that makes it impossible for them to stop and go like, huh, maybe my mom and all my friends are against me.


Speaker 3 52:11

Maybe they’re against me and they don’t want me to be happy.


Speaker 2 52:14

And the person, especially if it’s someone like this guy who looks like, I mean, he was clearly fucked up and probably trying to get her for her money. Well, there was a lot of stuff with him. He had been-


Speaker 3 52:24

hospitalized for mental issues.


Speaker 2 52:27

So he’s probably manipulating her and saying they’re… He’s faulted his…


Speaker 3 52:30

father pushed him down a flight of stairs. I mean, he has a history of violence.


Speaker 2 52:34

And so he’s probably saying to her, like, they’re all, your mom’s terrible and your husband’s terrible, everyone’s against you, they just don’t want you to be happy. Well, he would tell her.


Speaker 3 52:42

that I will love you, that you need to be with me because I will love you. Your husband is not loving you. And that’s the thing, when someone gets in your ear like that, and you’re in that.


Speaker 2 52:50

state, all the people in the world can tell you, you know, this is bad for you.


Speaker 1 52:55

What do we do? Well, hold on a second, though. He killed her because she said, I’m leaving. Correct. But I’m saying, like, was there anything weird or crazy with them when she wasn’t leaving him? Well, he assaulted her mother.


Speaker 1 53:09

Yeah, but that was because… He assaulted her mother? Oh, wait. He assaulted her mother, right. But that was earlier because, you know, the mom was trying to stop them from being together. So once she came to Greece and they were together and everything was, quote unquote, fine, was just fine.


Speaker 2 53:24

in the timeline from assaulting his mother was October 1998 that was here in the States in the States she was dead less than two and a half months later in Greece like it was not a long


Speaker 1 53:35

Didn’t have a long period in Greece together. No, no, they were okay. It was like


Speaker 3 53:39

They didn’t even have a long period together. I don’t think they had done they they had they had gotten the marriage license


Speaker 1 53:45

That’s that’s where you like, okay, you you’re doing way too much way too fast way too soon, which was what everyone was saying, right?


Speaker 2 53:53

So so the the phone bills are found out in July. He comes over to live with her and in September, October assaults the mom November they go to okay. I didn’t realize was that condensed December. They have the time together in Greece Jane and then early January He kills her right?


Speaker 2 54:09

So it’s this very quick timeline. Yeah, but it is


Speaker 1 54:12

You know, he did snap because she’s like he had spent in his mind like he got the girl to come They were gonna be together and then here she is like, no, you know what? I’m thinking you go back and then he went crazy Yeah


Speaker 2 54:27

And it’s weird because it’s like if he was after her money, he had it in the joint bank account already killing her Does not accomplish right like he I mean, I think maybe he thought he was gonna get away with it but like


Speaker 1 54:40

But also they you said premeditated murder, but like was it a premeditated murder or was it a murder in the heat of her decision to leave and then suddenly it very well could have been. Yeah, I’m just saying it’s not it doesn’t it’s not like one of those guy who lores the girl and then kills her takes her money and then like is looking for the next victim it feels like he’s just in.


Speaker 3 55:00

a mentally unstable opportunist.


Speaker 1 55:03

passionate romantic Greek, right? Who just does everything all out like Jerry on this episode.


Speaker 2 55:13

Oh, I’ve been. I’ve I’ve not been going all out. This is.


Speaker 3 55:16

  1. We’ve seen nothing yet. Yes. Wait till the next one. There is a book on this case for anybody that wants to do an even deeper dive called greasy.


Speaker 2 55:26

to the search for Curly’s gold.


Speaker 3 55:29

called Blind Passion, a true story of seduction, obsession, and murder by John Glatt.


Speaker 2 55:37

We forgot to mention they’re both blind, blind passion. Isn’t that weird? They’re not blind. Why is it called that? Um, Coda, one other interesting note, September, 2001, a skull is found floating in the Aegean sea near Kavala, Greece, a tourist finds a skull floating in the water.


Speaker 1 55:59

With kiss prints. No.


Speaker 2 56:03

Too soon? Macho baby man. Yeah. Tattooed.


Speaker 1 56:08

That should be the takeaway if someone says they’re macho baby, man.


Speaker 3 56:15

That’s a red flag. Believe them. Believe them. If they’re telling you that they’re yours, that’s when you go, no, that is not what I said.


Speaker 1 56:25

Uh, yeah, I can’t even imagine kim. I’m your baby, man. Kim would be like


Speaker 2 56:29

the gear might get the fuck out, man. All right, the coroner states that based on the condition of the skull, it belonged to a woman who was between 24 and 30 years old and had been in the water for about three years, which was exactly consistent with the timeline of Julie Scully’s murder in January, 1999.


Speaker 2 56:46

Dental remains, of course, were not sufficient at this point and DNA tests was inconclusive, but they are quite confident that this was the skull that belonged to Julie. Go ahead, what is it you’re trying to say?


Speaker 2 57:01

No, let’s see.


Speaker 4 57:03

Go ahead. No. Say it. Just her name is…


Speaker 1 57:06



Speaker 4 57:10

Oh my god, we feel we’re getting zero stars


Speaker 1 57:15

They’re going to invent the zero stars.


Speaker 4 57:17

There are no zero stars, but people are calling Apple demanding that they, they add zero stars as an option. First location. You’re like, we were slake haters, but now we have to give them zero stars.


Speaker 4 57:31

Scully. Oh my gosh.


Speaker 1 57:35

They’d be correct. Oh my God. What a fucked up case. The first time I was mad at the lady for leaving her husband. I was like, this is why Kim and I don’t go on cruises. I was upset and then leaving her kid.


Speaker 1 57:54

But yeah, I mean, you add in the mental component. Yeah, I mean, that’s the thing, you know, and depression.


Speaker 3 58:02

It’s insidious.


Speaker 1 58:03

And then this guy knows to capitalize on it, but at the same time, I don’t know. Maybe he really loved her, but then he can’t live without her and he’s also mental. So he’s got issues and prone to violence, obviously.


Speaker 1 58:16

So there you have it. Anybody else have any.


Speaker 3 58:18

anything else? I think when you’re in a situation like that. Okay, good. No, I’m just kidding.


Speaker 2 58:24

All he does is interrupt the wall.


Speaker 3 58:26

Well, look, a woman is going to say if a woman finds herself in a situation like that, she should have just left. She shouldn’t have even told him she was having second thoughts. That’s a good point.


Speaker 3 58:36

She should have just got on a plane and left. Like if you’re in a situation where you’re with somebody and they’re kind of prone to violence, you don’t need to tell them shit.


Speaker 2 58:47

especially being in a place where you don’t have a support system around you at all. Right, go to the embassy. And, you know, again, like all of these things do make sense, but I just don’t think she, I think her state of mind, her mental issues were not allowing her to think things through.


Speaker 2 59:05

And we don’t know what happened at that, if they even went to McDonald’s to have this argument. But like whatever the argument was, we don’t know what it was, what the context was. Other than all we know is she said she really missed her daughter and wanted to be home with her.


Speaker 2 59:20

And, you know, maybe she just, she just thought she could say that to him and be okay and wasn’t really processing like the fact that he had abused her mother and had a history of abuse. Right. So I mean, I think all of these like logical ways, like I wish there was, I wish there was takeaway that was useful for someone who was in a mentally unstable place.


Speaker 2 59:45

Right. Because these are all like requires something. It’s like logic. And the thing is.


Speaker 3 59:49

This is she’s an adult, so you can’t do anything because she’s an adult.


Speaker 1 59:54

Right. This should be in no way a, you know, affect people’s love of Yani and Greece. No. All right. Well, that’s another episode of Salaication. Thank you for…


Speaker 3 01:00:10

Thank you for joining us and being with us. And if you like. A special shout out to our people. Yes. Our yarn whores. All of you. And our friends in Cape Town. And if you like what you hear. Ravelry.


Speaker 2 01:00:25

You are.


Speaker 3 01:00:26



Speaker 1 01:00:29

You guys don’t want this to end, do you?


Speaker 2 01:00:31

We’re having a great time. OK.


Speaker 1 01:00:32

I guess so. We like being with you. If you like what you heard, God bless you and also let us.


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