Ep. 22 Death Cab for Capetown

Shrien and Anni Dewani, a young, well to do, couple in the midst of a storybook romance are celebrating their honeymoon in South Africa...when things take a tragic turn. A cab ride turned carjacking ends in murder. It seems like the work of local criminals until the murderers point the finger at each other and an unexpected suspect. This shocking case will keep you (and us) guessing right to the end... and beyond.

Ep. 21 Making a Killing in Hongkong (Pt. 2)

The twisted conclusion to Episode 20 - Please listen to that one first! Robert and Nancy Kissel had it all. The perfect marriage. The high paying job. The $20,000 luxury apartment complex with all the Nannies, pools, and squash courts you'd ever need. So how did this storybook romance and life of luxury descend into mayhem, murder and... milkshakes??? Join us for the shocking conclusion to this case!

Ep. 20 Making a Killing in Hongkong (Pt. 1)

Robert and Nancy Kissel had it all. The perfect marriage. The high paying job. The $20,000 luxury apartment complex with all the Nannies, pools, and squash courts you'd ever need. So how did this storybook romance and life of luxury descend into mayhem, murder and... milkshakes??? Join us on another tolerable episode of Slaycation as we take a wild international ride down the rabbit hole of a 'Killing in Hong Kong.'

Ep. 19 Spring Breakdown in Mexico

When college student Mark Kilroy heads to Spring Break with his friends Bill, Brent, and Brad, it's a reunion and chance to blow off some steam before he focuses on becoming a doctor. As they make their way back-and-forth between Texas' South Padre Island and a Mexican town just across the border, their days are a perfect blur of beach, beer, babes, and good times with the boys. When Mark goes missing, authorities assume he's shacked up with a lady or sleeping off a hangover. But as more time goes by - his friends suspect something bad happened. But they could never imagine the depths of horror Mark had been plunged into at the hands of a murderous cartel cult!

Ep. 18 Final Destination

On this episode, we're taking you back to the early days of airline travel. Sure, planes were more likely to crash back then but at least you weren't subjected to a full-body cavity search and you could pack a regular sized bottle of shampoo in your carry-on. Then again, after hearing this story, you might welcome the additional security. This story's a blast... chock full of family baggage... that also happens to be ticking! Strap in, it's going to be a bumpy flight!

Ep. 17 Bludgeoned in Bali

Wow! This might be the most slaycationy slaycation of them all. It's got a little bit of everything -- exotic locales, violent family drama, bodies in suitcases, murder consultants, jazz music. The tragic story of Heather Mack and her family will leave you agape and questioning humanity. Hopefully, this marathon episode helps make it all a little more tolerable.

Ep. 16 My Big Fat Greek Murder

When local beauty queen Julie Scully falls for George, the handsome Greek engineer on the cruise ship she is vacationing on, it sounds like a fairytale romance. Except for two things... 1) Julie is already married (with a kid), and 2) George may be mentally unstable. As their romance heats up, Julie decides to throw away her life in New Jersey and head to Greece with George. But, since this is Slaycation, things take a deadly turn. Was it a crime of passion or the pre-meditated plan of a con man? Find out on an episode that will have you hating us or loving us even more!

Ep. 15 Terror in Tampa (Part Two)

We're back with Part 2 of the tragic and mystifying case of the Rogers Family. If you haven't listened to Ep. 14 Trouble in Tampa (Part One) we recommend you do so! As to Part 2, thanks to innovative policing, family dysfunction, & a guilty conscience... investigators are able to arrest the man they believe committed the murders of these three women. The suspect - who decides to represent himself at trial - is implicated in another murder in different part of Florida. Have the authorities taken a dangerous serial killer off the streets, or will he walk free to kill again? Find out in this shocking conclusion.

Ep. 14 Terror in Tampa (Part One)

Some people have all the luck... The Rogers Family are not those people. Fleeing from unspeakable evil back home, a mother and her two daughters escape to Florida for a much needed getaway. Unfortunately, things take a deadly turn when they cross paths with a monster. This case will have you questioning humanity and whether you should ever trust a "helpful" stranger again.

Ep. 13 The Shove Boat

If you're cruising for a murder mystery filled with twists, turns, and WTFs, you're going to love this episode of Slaycation, where a honeymoon on the Love Boat turns into a deadly Shove Boat. When the bride goes overboard, an autopsy reveals more than just a tragic accident -- but will her husband's wild tale of espionage, Israeli spies, and assassination attempts hold water? Join us for a crazy story of sex, lies and... silverware? Trust us, this is one trip you'll never forget.

Ep. 12 Peril in the Panama Jungle (Part Two)

Get ready for the shocking conclusion of the story about two Dutch students who went missing (on April 1st, 2014), while hiking the El Pianista trail in the jungles of Panama. We continue our deep dive into the mystery, confusion and conflicting reports surrounding this tragic disappearance and subsequent investigation. DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU'VE HEARD PART ONE!

Ep. 11 Peril in the Panama Jungle (Part One)

Two Dutch students go missing on April 1st, 2014, while hiking the El Pianista trail in Panama. We dive deep into the mystery, confusion and conflicting reports surrounding their tragic disappearance and subsequent investigation.

Ep. 10 A Deadly Trip to Death Island, Thailand

Two young British tourists are found brutally murdered on a beach in the idyllic resort of Koh Tao, Thailand. With an investigation marred by incompetent policework, torture of suspects, and a contaminated crime scene, finding the killers turns into an international affair, earning Koh Tao the nickname "Death Island".

Ep. 9 African Safari Hunter becomes the Hunted

A rich dentist and his wife take a safari trip to Zambia to hunt exotic animals. However, the hunter becomes the hunted when one of them is shot dead. Was it an accident, a suicide or... murder?

Ep. 8 Ocean City, Maryland Murders (Part Two)

The shocking finish to our story about a couple from Virginia who just wanted to enjoy a weekend getaway in Ocean City, Maryland. On a drunk bus they befriend another couple who invite them to go hot tubbing back in their hotel room. What could go wrong? Get ready for the conclusion to this shocking story that will leave you gobsmacked!

Ep. 7 Ocean City, Maryland Murders (Part One)

A couple from Virginia enjoys a weekend getaway in Ocean City, Maryland. There, they befriend another couple who invites them back to their hotel room. When neither Josh or "Geney" show up for work on Monday, it raises the alarm that something is seriously wrong.

Ep. 6 Myrtle Beach Murder Mystery

On Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 17 year old Brittanee Drexel goes missing without a trace. Her family waited for over decade before the grisly truth was finally uncovered. Case starts at 2:15

Ep. 5 A Mysterious Cause of Death in Cabo

A North Carolina woman is found dead after partying with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her friends said it was alcohol poisoning… But an autopsy and shocking leaked video suggest something far more sinister, turning this case into an international sensation.

Ep. 4 Mysterious Murder in Mexico

A newly engaged couple and some family members enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner down in Zacatecas, Mexico. Unfortunately, it will turn out to be their last supper. Case starts at 5:28!

Ep. 3 Great Barrier Reef of Death

On a honeymoon adventure to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, two scuba divers go down…but only one comes back up. Was it an equipment malfunction or murder? For more Slaycation, check out Case starts at 6:40.