Ep. 20 Making a Killing in Hongkong (Pt. 1)

Robert and Nancy Kissel had it all. The perfect marriage. The high paying job. The $20,000 luxury apartment complex with all the Nannies, pools, and squash courts you’d ever need. So how did this storybook romance and life of luxury descend into mayhem, murder and… milkshakes??? Join us on another tolerable episode of Slaycation as we take a wild international ride down the rabbit hole of a ‘Killing in Hong Kong.’


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our transcript


Speaker 1 00:00

See that, honey?


Speaker 2 00:01

Take don’t run in yeah, all right when the German master showed up. I was like stop. I had to text you I was I know are you fucking kidding me right now?


Speaker 1 00:22

Pack your body bags, we’re going on a slaycation. That’s murders and mysterious deaths that happen while you’re on vacation. I am your co -host, Adam Tex Davis. And as always, I’m joined by my lovely wife, Kim.


Speaker 3 00:36

Hello, hello, hello, hello.


Speaker 1 00:38

friend and business partner that was one extra hello you didn’t need all those well I did all right and my friend and business partner Jerry Culber hello


Speaker 2 00:45

hello hello hello hi guys I was doing an extra hello just to you know support


Speaker 1 00:51

Sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to put solidarity quota on your hellos. Okay. Well, so before we begin I do want to share some ways in which you are devoted Slacators can reach out to us. We want to be accessible We want to communicate with our slacation community plus you guys are hilarious and we are so happy to interact Am I not?


Speaker 3 01:12

My knit is, my knit is out there. Sorry, you’re what? My knit is.


Speaker 2 01:18

Oh, you’re knitters, okay. Yeah.


Speaker 3 01:20

Is that an A? Her hookers? Yes. My knitters and my hookers are out there. Shout out to y ‘all. What y ‘all working on? Okay, I’m back.


Speaker 1 01:35

Well, that’s the thing, so we just started a Facebook group called Slaycators Only. We had a few of our Slaycation superfans ask us about this. We see you, Jessica, or Jess Friedel, who had asked for this specifically.


Speaker 1 01:48

So if you want to post or message us, please do so, and one or more of us will get back to you. Or if you want to address anything to us specifically, if you want to talk knitting with Kim, you know, you can reach out to the woman.


Speaker 1 01:59

If you want to talk to the tolerable one, he’s happy to talk to you, or me. Talk us, interrupt us. Again, that’s the Slaycators Only group. I can’t wait to see what you guys come at us with. And then also, if you listen on Spotify, some of you have already noticed that we like to run fun polls for each episode.


Speaker 1 02:18

This gives us a chance to get to know you a little better. In fact, I wanted to share some recent poll results from our people here. That’s exciting. The last poll asked, which astrological sign are people most afraid of?


Speaker 1 02:31

And at the time of this taping, Gemini was in the lead.


Speaker 3 02:38

That is so…


Speaker 1 02:39

But it was just barely ahead of Scorpio and you guessed it Virgo But I think that you know, there’s still a few days left Virgo still has time to take the lead


Speaker 2 02:52

Feel like the least likely person to commit mess my guy. I’m not interested, right? Zero killing are you a real are you a real Virgo? Um well I am on the cusp. That’s a thing


Speaker 3 03:04

I’m on the cusp too. What’s your cusp? My cusp is Aquarius


Speaker 1 03:08

Okay, well, but you’re a Pisces. I’m a Pisces and guess what zero votes for Pisces. Yes Well, we don’t scare anyone kid. Do you think it’s?


Speaker 2 03:16

because people are afraid of like because Gemini we talked about last time like they’re very they can be very indecisive right Gemini are very indecisive you raised the point we were talking on our last episode that you know Gemini seemed like the bad serial killers because they couldn’t decide who to kill right who to kill


Speaker 1 03:32

How to do it with what so it’s like clue except like


Speaker 3 03:37

What object yeah, we would literally probably get phone calls. Look don’t say anything but


Speaker 2 03:45

Yeah, like I’m thinking about doing it. What do I do?


Speaker 1 03:48

body, you know, does it.


Speaker 3 03:50

right and then she’ll go to go do I put it throw it in the ocean or do what daddy on the phone.


Speaker 1 03:57

Yeah, you would be like whatever makes you happy dear whatever you feel best doing it said people What are you most afraid of and look? I’m afraid of my daughter. So I voted Gemini Okay, so we also asked what do you find most fascinating about true crime stories and the choices were How evil people are the crazy twists and turns the stories take and how criminals or murderers are caught or all of the above?


Speaker 1 04:25

And of course all of the above one in a landslide, right that checks out right Kim. It sure does And then the final the final one I want to do is I asked if someone in your family committed a crime Would you turn them in and the winner was yes?


Speaker 2 04:44

Wait, wasn’t one of the questions depends on the family member, was it an option?


Speaker 1 04:48

that was one of the options I mean yeah I said I said yes no depends on the crime depends on the family member or choices uh -huh and depends on the crime actually got some votes I would think that would be yeah yeah but yes was the winner well what would you guys do depends on the crime depends on the family member


Speaker 2 05:07

In order, I would go depends on the crime, then filter depends on the family member, and then yes or no.


Speaker 1 05:13

I’m strictly family member first. I’m a yes.


Speaker 3 05:16

You’re a yes. Yes. You’re going to jail. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, what? You’re going to jail.


Speaker 2 05:21

even know what crime it is. It does.


Speaker 1 05:22

It doesn’t matter. It does matter. It doesn’t count for your slakation family. I’m sure that you have committed crimes.


Speaker 3 05:28

that we have not turned you in for. In the Catholic world, it would be the mortal sense, like murder.


Speaker 2 05:33

Okay, so you’re talking like serious like murder. Yeah. Yeah, because like someone jumps to turn


Speaker 3 05:39

style that’s a crime no no that I can look away but if they jump the turn style and then kill someone then I can’t look away and I’m gonna tell


Speaker 1 05:47

Both? Yes. Would you say they jumped the turnstile and killed someone?


Speaker 3 05:50

Would you turn them? I’m gonna yes. Wow. Yes cuz you need to pay, right?


Speaker 2 05:54

Officer, excuse me, I’d like to turn this person in for jumping the turnstile. Also, they killed someone. That’s right. That’s a fun conversation. Yeah.


Speaker 1 06:04

Anyway, so if you listen on Spotify be sure to take the poll it costs you nothing and it makes us happy And then we could talk about it. I just want to do a little shadow


Speaker 2 06:13

to one of our fans first of all we love our fans like do hey there we love the reviews we love the yeah it’s you guys are amazing we had one review this week from Garnet Harding who wrote a very wonderful review she basically said she’s a true crime junkie but this is the best of its kind she says great things about all of us she talks about how Kim’s voice is she has an infectious laugh your well -timed use of the f -word delights her Jerry who is often tolerable those who know know what I mean is the very funny voice of reason empathy and Adam who learns about the case in real time is very colorful and historically funny commentator my favorite part is that she tells us she laughed so hard at your joke the end of the grease episode about Scully oh my big fat Greek murder the big fat Greek murder she left so hard the Scully joke that three drops of pee came out of her he said you feel free to call me out on the show so Garnet Harding we hear you we see you thank you for being with laughter at our show


Speaker 3 07:18

Thank you for sharing.


Speaker 1 07:19

And thank you for counting the p -drops.


Speaker 2 07:21

She she also says she loves the show so much that she has paid for a subscription She wants to support us. So Garnet. We love you. We do do and the last thing she says Kim She goes side note yarn horse is a great band name You know, yeah


Speaker 1 07:38

Mm -hmm too bad Kim can’t sing that is true


Speaker 2 07:42

but she can knit.


Speaker 1 07:43

Yes, that I can do. Let’s get to the case, which I do not know anything about. Kim and Jerry, they know the case, they’re gonna be telling it to me, and I’m gonna learn along with you, the listener. Okay, Kimmy, where are we slacating today?


Speaker 3 07:58

So today, we are on slakeshion in Hong Kong. Hong Kong? Hong Kong, yes. Once a scantily populated farming and fishing village is now an urban hotbed and home to the longest escalator in the world. Really?


Speaker 3 08:16

Yes. I did not know that. Neither did I until today. Not a country, but what is known as a special administrative region of China, which derives from its history as a British colony. July 1st, 1997, marked the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China.


Speaker 3 08:39

There to witness this monumental and historic event in history were Robert Kissel and his beautiful wife Nancy. This dynamic and well -to -do American couple had moved on up about a month earlier to that deluxe luxury service apartment in the sky.


Speaker 1 09:04

You really want, you really want full Jeffersons there. Yes.


Speaker 3 09:08

Yes. Too bad the murder didn’t take place in Florence. But it did take place, they did move on up to an apartment called the Parkview. In addition to 3500 square feet of living space, this self -contained little oasis boasted two swimming pools, three -story health club with four tennis courts, three squash courts, a supermarket, theater, and an art gallery, and that’s not even everything.


Speaker 2 09:41

And just to just to do a quick aside on that, so this Park Tower’s place so it’s one of these places, they build these kind of places in foreign countries with big American expat and British expat communities where if you’re like a wealthy person working for an American corporation in Hong Kong, you can live in this place and never, that’s correct.


Speaker 2 10:00

Like if you want to just do everything there, shop, go to the movies, play tennis. Right. So it’s like working at Google. Kind of. Yeah. So it’s designed. So if you’re not comfortable like moving around, you can just stay in this beautiful luxury place and never actually go into Hong Kong.


Speaker 3 10:16

Right. And note that the air quality in Hong Kong is not great. So do they have their own air here? Well, they’re certainly protected from it. Oh, yeah, they have a bubble. Well, they don’t have to leave.


Speaker 3 10:30

Oh, they’re even in the building. Yeah, the building even had a preschool, a playground and daily supervised activities for the children. And I would imagine that having that and a full time nanny and housekeeper was a big help to Nancy, who at the time had two children under the age of three and would give birth to a third within two years.


Speaker 3 10:54

This whole setup was clearly the Rolls Royce of luxury living.


Speaker 2 11:01

Yeah. And this apartment actually cost because it comes with all that stuff plus housekeeping. I think there was a chef included. Yeah, they have everything. Parking? Everything. Yes, yes. Yeah, parking.


Speaker 2 11:14

Even a doorman, believe it or not. This apartment is a $20 ,000 a month apartment, but it was provided by Rob’s bosses at Goldman Sachs. That’s who he was working for. Correct. So. Wow.


Speaker 1 11:27

Right yeah 20 20 ,000 you know it actually feels not that much considering all that yeah, but it’s also


Speaker 2 11:33

1990 but also I get the impression that these apartments are priced at whatever the place can get Goldman Sachs oh yeah you know it’s like even if it’s a $10 ,000 apartment it’s in some ways like it’s okay it’s 20 ,000 and you can tell your your employees you’re getting this incredible perk and right you know it’s one


Speaker 1 11:51

of these. I am so jealous of that apartment.


Speaker 2 11:55

Yeah. Well, you got, yeah. Cause you guys are looking for an apartment. We are looking for.


Speaker 1 11:59

for an apartment.


Speaker 3 11:59

I’m hating right now. But anyway, so how did we get here? I’m glad you asked. So Rob Kissel, looking to have some fun before starting grad school at NYU, and Nancy, restless and bored, would each fatefully embark on a trajectory that would put them forever in each other’s crosshairs in the summer of 1987.


Speaker 3 12:27

It was a singles resort on a getaway at Club Med Turquoise in the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos. It was reportedly on a nude beach where Rob and Nancy locked eyes or whatever they locked, but they locked something, all right?


Speaker 3 12:44

Did you say a nude beach?


Speaker 1 12:46

Or a nude beach? A nude beach. Okay. Yes. Well that’s nice that they locked eyes because that means they’re not looking at other things. I’m sure they’re looking at it. That’s very sweet. No.


Speaker 2 12:56

By the way, they’re both very good -looking. Yeah, he was a real like athlete, you know, yeah, just very all -around Couldn’t have been too much of an athlete


Speaker 1 13:05

if you went to NYU. That is an inside joke, because NYU does not have much sports. And they are the violets, yes.


Speaker 3 13:14

So they went back to their lives, but their fate was sealed and post nude beach post nude beach


Speaker 2 13:21

Yeah, it’s nude beach for that. It’s not a club med. So it’s like a proper single resort that has a nude beach I guess or for people just decided


Speaker 3 13:29

right they dated for a year and nancy had worked at various restaurants in new york city


Speaker 1 13:36

So it was nice that they met at the Turks and Caicos Club Med and then hey, you live in the city? Yeah, it was kind of faded


Speaker 3 13:43

Yeah, okay, and Rob continued working. He had started school for his masters. When Rob got his masters in finance, he and Nancy became engaged and promptly moved in together.


Speaker 2 13:57

And everyone who knew them was just really an admiration of their love for each other. Like when you hear people talk about them in their early years.


Speaker 3 14:04

Yes, although his father hated her. I did not know that. Yes. Oh my God, the tea, the tea is piping hot. Confidently wrong again.


Speaker 1 14:15

No way!


Speaker 2 14:17

Oh, this is this is confidently missing information, okay, right didn’t most people I mean no Yes that they were like a super happy. Yeah


Speaker 1 14:27

out of 12 people thought it was great.


Speaker 3 14:29

No, but to Jerry’s point that community in Hong Kong where they lived they were the it couple gotcha I mean, but we haven’t got that was out here


Speaker 1 14:38

That was later right right right, but you’re saying leading up to the marriage though his father did not like her


Speaker 3 14:45

No. Why? No, because he just thought that she was beneath his son. He- Calienthe Cabcom?


Speaker 1 14:52

Right, that’s it. Well, the nachos are terrible.


Speaker 3 14:57

Well, the other thing, too, is that he didn’t think she was good enough for his son, and she wasn’t college -educated, and he…


Speaker 2 15:04

Successful businessman. Yeah, and he wanted his boys to be both successful businessmen and they both were on that track Rob who we’re talking about here. Yeah was a very Studios, you know really got his MBA really thought about it.


Speaker 2 15:18

The brother was a little bit more of a wheeler -dealer kind of brother Yeah, younger older older was Andrew Andrew was four. I think four years. Oh, yeah, that’s right. But Yeah, I didn’t know that about dad But I can I know the type who’s like, yeah I want like I want like a MBA or a doctor or something for my for my business son You know aspiring model actress, it’s a very particular type of dad


Speaker 3 15:47

Right, but what what was interesting was his son Andrew actually married that exact pedigree. She was a University a Pennsylvania graduate With a master’s in finance from Columbia University. Mm -hmm And he would openly say how she should be with not Andrew but with Robert oh, yeah, so dad favorite Robert no Family dysfunction drama there.


Speaker 3 16:19

Nothing to say. Yeah, nothing to say


Speaker 1 16:22

consolation. My father was not that. No. In fact, he was like, what is she doing with you?


Speaker 3 16:28

Oh, no, he was not that either, but his dad, Adam’s dad was awesome. R .A .P. Mike, love you. But yeah. Yeah. Anyway, so they married in September of 1989, and this was a little over two years having first met.


Speaker 3 16:47

Rob had started a new job at L ‘Aze Paris, I think. Please forgive me. I’m probably butchering the pronunciation. The couple lived at a place called the La Rochelle on the Upper West Side before moving to Mercer Street in Greenwich Village following the birth of their first child, a daughter named Elaine, for Rob’s mother, who had passed away a few months before their wedding.


Speaker 3 17:13

Rob was a rock star in his field, and the opportunity to work in the world of global finance would be a dream come true. So, when Goldman Sachs came a calling for him to do his tour of duty in Hong Kong, Rob was thrilled and saw this as his fast track to partner.


Speaker 1 17:33

also finally gets parking.


Speaker 3 17:39

Correct, that is correct.


Speaker 2 17:43

Just to mention the context of Hong Kong and the Asian markets in 1997, when this opportunity came up. First of all, Rob was in his mid 30s, so very young guy to be offered, basically the opportunity to be in charge of South Asian currencies in Hong Kong.


Speaker 2 18:00

He’s not even 40 yet. And so the guy is, like Kim said, he’s a rock star, but there’s also something interesting happening in Asia, which is because of all this stuff happening, the handover of Hong Kong to China, the Asian currencies are like just falling, like devaluing like crazy.


Speaker 2 18:18

And so what Goldman Sachs and all these firms identified was there was an opportunity to go over there and snatch up all kinds of businesses for like nickels on the dollar. And so he’s in charge of that for Goldman Sachs.


Speaker 2 18:30

All right. Yeah.


Speaker 1 18:32

Someone’s got to do it. Did he speak Mandarin or anything? No.


Speaker 3 18:37

No, he, it- He spoke money. He did. I mean, the wealth. Just going in there like-


Speaker 1 18:42

like sharks and just gobbling off the companies. That’s it.


Speaker 3 18:44

All right. That’s it.


Speaker 2 18:46

thing about like finance, you know, all finance is either based on like you’re investing in something you think’s gonna be worth a lot of money in the future or you’re snatching up stuff at a discount because someone either they or their currency is distressed.


Speaker 2 18:58

Right, exactly. That’s kind of all of finance.


Speaker 3 19:00

That’s that is and it’s almost like a game of sorts right, you know, and there were different terms But the term I saw the most was the Asian financial crisis, right? That’s correct Okay, and so Rob having found his niche as a debt Specialists made a huge impact during this period He was traveling constantly to places like Seoul Bangkok Shanghai the work was grueling the hours were long and It was competitive and exhilarating and this is he was living in that apartment.


Speaker 3 19:32

He was living in that apartment, but he was away a lot


Speaker 2 19:35

Gotcha. So working way more than he was back in New York, because it’s such a I mean, it’s first of all, it’s a huge opportunity. Yeah, it’s a huge amount of responsibility. And it’s one of these situations where there’s a limited window, right?


Speaker 2 19:48

The crisis is going to end at some point. So he’s working was I saw like 16 hours a day, every day of the week. Yeah.


Speaker 1 19:54

Well, it’s like Kim working on this show, though. Minus the crisis or the money. Or the big apartment apartment. But anyway, all right. All right, so that takes us back to sort of where you started. What happened?


Speaker 2 20:10

Right. Oh, can I just mention one thing before we go to what happens? Yes So did you see the interviews that were done with their neighbor Roz? From I found these like little interviews from she was their neighbor I forget which I couldn’t figure out which place in New York.


Speaker 2 20:24

Wait people in real life


Speaker 1 20:26

have neighbors named Roz, not just sitcoms.


Speaker 2 20:29

Yeah, I have her last name, I’m not going to say it, but her name was Roz. I thought that was funny, too, because it seems like, you know, the name you make up for the neighbor. They were asking her about the couple and she said, even though Rob was super successful, she said he was always down to earth.


Speaker 2 20:44

Yes. He seemed like he didn’t really care about the money, but was just a very down to earth guy. But she said something interesting. She said, even back then, Nancy, all of her conversations were about money.


Speaker 2 20:56

She said her quote was, Nancy was… I’m going to do Roz’s voice. Nancy was really into money. I think you’re stereotyping. She loved money. She loved money. That’s what she said? That’s what she said.


Speaker 2 21:09

A quote, direct quote. That is a direct quote from an interview with Roz. And Roz went on to say, Nancy, the only time she ever heard Nancy being mean was Nancy would put people down about stuff that she had that she didn’t think they could afford.


Speaker 2 21:23

So like if someone said, hey, that’s a beautiful fur coat, she, oh, yeah, it’s, you know, Rob got it from me. It’s whatever animal. You couldn’t afford it, you know, it’s, you know, beyond you, like without knowing whether the person could or not.


Speaker 2 21:36

So there was a just a real insecurity. I mean, look, she, she didn’t come from money.


Speaker 3 21:41

well did she no she didn’t okay i mean i didn’t see that’s a whole other part but it’s not a slaycation but it’s a whole other thing like yeah but


Speaker 2 21:50

But I think she had some real insecurity around it and she did that


Speaker 1 21:54

Usually people do the opposite like you say oh, that’s a nice sweater. Oh, I know it’s only 20 bucks at Marshalls. Yeah


Speaker 3 22:00

You know yeah, yeah, that wasn’t her that wasn’t right that was not


Speaker 2 22:04

Everything I’m wearing costs less than three dollars.


Speaker 1 22:06

My jacket costs more than your house.


Speaker 2 22:11

Oh, and she would also, when she would visit other people’s apartments in New York, she would just start asking how much things cost. Like she’d be pointing to me like, how much was that? How much was that?


Speaker 2 22:19

How much was that? And so…


Speaker 3 22:20

very competitive with her sister -in -law.


Speaker 2 22:22

Yes, yeah.


Speaker 1 22:23

with her sister -in -law. Yes, so, so, oh, the other one, the perfect one.


Speaker 2 22:29

And he had married this woman Haley who as Kim said was an MBA Haley was also a I think a Olympic or competitive skier like she had been like a professional skier like her name’s Haley She has an MBA like she’s like and she came


Speaker 3 22:45

from a very wealthy family.


Speaker 1 22:47

Right. And if you ask her how much her fur coat cost, she would just tell you the price.


Speaker 2 22:50

She would tell the price. Oh, you know, I don’t remember like she so and you could definitely afford it and could afford it Yeah, right, right. So so there was some some competitive. Okay, I’m just saying all of this just to put a little context that there’s a This comes into play later, which is that Nancy?


Speaker 2 23:06

Really? Do you think that she doesn’t have money and then she’s struggling even though they’re making millions of dollars and doing great The way she talked about money


Speaker 1 23:14

Oh, but you’re saying like her insecurity has her constantly talking about how much money she has


Speaker 2 23:20

She has many other people have asking how much things are like she’s very


Speaker 1 23:24

money obsessed money obsessed she’s okay


Speaker 3 23:26

She’s materialistic. Gotcha. I mean, money is very important to her.


Speaker 1 23:31

a very materialistic person on a show called Slaycation. What could possibly happen? She was really into money. She loved money. You know what, let’s take a quick break and we’ll be right back with more Slaycation.


Speaker 4 23:46

The Hargan women seem to have it all from the outside. Looking in, we were blessed. My mom was amazing. But as detectives would soon learn, there was a lot going on inside the Hargan household. Ashley and I have been calling my mom.


Speaker 3 23:59

And the house in Helen


Speaker 4 24:01

No one’s answering.


Speaker 1 24:02



Speaker 4 24:03

63 -year -old Pamela Hargan gunned down in her own home. Her youngest daughter Helen lay dead upstairs.


Speaker 3 24:10

Patrol, when they arrived, assumed or thought that there might have been a murder -suicide.


Speaker 4 24:15

but for the detectives on the scene. There were things about.


Speaker 2 24:20

the scene itself that we’re concerning to us on day one.


Speaker 4 24:23

Who would want to kill their mother and their little sister? There is no boogeyman here. It is exactly who we think it is. I’m Peter Van Sant from 48 Hours. This is Blood is Thicker, The Hargen Family Killings.


Speaker 4 24:38

Listen to Blood is Thicker, The Hargen Family Killings, wherever you get your podcasts.


Speaker 1 24:49

all right we’re back i’m really excited to hear


Speaker 3 24:52

The truth be told, she hated it in Hong Kong. Hated it, like almost from the beginning. Yeah, yeah. She wasn’t interested in parenting and doing things like teaching her kids things like manners or helping them with their homework and seeing to it that they have nutritious meals.


Speaker 3 25:11

Those kinds of things were just- Nobody likes that. Just do it if you have it. And she considered it a co -worker.


Speaker 2 25:16

Colossal bore right she comes. She’s coming out. This is only you know, they’ve only known each other now for 10 years So she’s she’s barely a decade away from her dreams of being an actress and a model and all that fun life in New York And now she’s now she’s locked in a luxury tower in Hong Kong And all she has to do all day is take care of the kids and do charity stuff


Speaker 3 25:38

with the help of a nanny and a housekeeper and all the activities and just child care everywhere.


Speaker 1 25:46

Let me ask you, honey, is that the kind of life you would like?


Speaker 3 25:51

I don’t need one last. I don’t that I don’t need.


Speaker 1 25:54

But if that was your life, would you be miserable or would you be like cool?


Speaker 3 25:58

I would be cool, but I would not, I wouldn’t want nannies and the housekeeper, yes. The nanny, I don’t need so much. If I wanna go out, that’s nice. But I don’t need all those people living in my house.


Speaker 3 26:14

To be fair, I don’t have three kids under the age of three.


Speaker 1 26:21

You have one child and one man child.


Speaker 2 26:26

So Nancy was fighting like there really wasn’t much to do other than shop and that’s what she did hang out with the other expat wise


Speaker 3 26:34

Exactly, exactly. And I think she started to get bored. And I think this was starting to also create conflict because Rob noted his wife’s apathy towards her parenting duties and having the nanny do most of the heavy lifting, bringing them to their activities and putting them to bed and reading them their stories.


Speaker 1 26:56

Like come home and be bummed out that she wasn’t really right taking care of the kids exactly


Speaker 3 27:01

And just like yeah, I can see that. Yeah, you know it started to really create Friction. Yeah, exactly So there’s only so much shopping you can do and at this point rob and his wife were not getting along And it would be during this time as well that rob Had stepped on some toes ticked off some of the powers that be with his overt greed Seems in this business while you need to be greedy as fuck You have to be slick about it not really look it and I guess he wasn’t


Speaker 1 27:34

So you’re saying he’s having life problems and job problems? Exactly. Oh.


Speaker 3 27:38

Exactly. So, what happens? So, it was clear at this point that Goldman Sachs and Rob- Is he gonna get fired? Well, his future lay elsewhere.


Speaker 2 27:47

is kind of rare in these companies it’s like you’re not a fit with the culture and like find another opportunity kind of thing you don’t usually get fired right then they got to pay you it’s all kind of stuff because there’s severance yeah ridiculous pay on compete clauses yeah all this kind of stuff


Speaker 1 28:07

So was he working for them or not?


Speaker 2 28:10

Well, he was, he was, but but then they they they soured on him and he got approached by Merrill Lynch.


Speaker 1 28:18

Exactly. The actual Maryland.


Speaker 2 28:21

before which came back from the dead, right? Summoned by a Hong Kong shaman.


Speaker 1 28:29

I’m charming. That’s like…


Speaker 2 28:31

Nice. Nice. I want to watch that. Yeah, me too. Yeah, so Merrill Lynch comes and says, you know what? How about this? How about, forget those guys at Saks, Goldman Sachs, and we’ll make you our number one guy in all of Southeast Asia.


Speaker 2 28:46

Holy shit. 37 years old.


Speaker 1 28:49

I’ve got an apartment with four squash courts.


Speaker 3 28:54

Of course shit was going to hit the fan when he told Nancy of his offer from Merrill Lynch


Speaker 1 29:00

because she was thinking like, oh good, you’re done with gold and we can get out of Hong Kong. Oh shit. He’s like, now it’s like, we own Hong Kong. Right.


Speaker 2 29:10

Our new name is Nancy and Robert Kong. Can I just do a little aside about what’s going on with Andrew back in the States? Meanwhile, literally while all of this is happening with Robert and Nancy, Robert’s brother Andrew is back in New York, also from all appearances making a killing in the finance and real estate industry.


Speaker 2 29:36

Andrew’s a much more of a wheeler -dealer, like he’s not working the corporate thing, he’s doing his own investments in Manhattan properties. Right, real estate.


Speaker 3 29:46

Is his game


Speaker 2 29:48

As we said, he married Halley, the former ski champion stock analyst. They were living in the Upper East Side. His neighbors in this building on the Upper East Side were so impressed with Andrew and his financial acumen and success that they not only made him the treasurer of the board, they gave him 100% total control over the co -op’s piggy bank, like with no oversight.


Speaker 2 30:11

So he was a soul check signer. They’re like, just do whatever you want to do. Run the finances. We want you to use your golden touch to make our co -op do really well.


Speaker 3 30:21

Talk about petty cash. But if you have parking.


Speaker 2 30:26

No, you are I understand why you’re Just to just to do getting a ticket as we speak like we’re sitting we’re sitting at this right now We’re recording this podcast in the middle of more co -ops and then probably anywhere anywhere else in the world and co -ops are kind of like Condos except they suck worse


Speaker 3 30:44

Yes, that is true. I was actually a secretary of a.


Speaker 1 30:49

Well, Co -op has a board, you can keep people out, you can have all these crazy rules.


Speaker 2 30:53

Yeah, you kind of you kind of almost like run your own little town as a co -op and and in a co -op When you live in a co -op, you don’t actually own now real estate You want a share of the co -op which owns the building?


Speaker 2 31:04

It’s very complex very, New Yorky weird thing But the co -op boards are like the little power centers and right in the co -ops Okay, so right so Andy gets they’re like just run with it, dude Like we’re make our finances great do whatever you’re doing with your companies with the co -ops finances What could go wrong?


Speaker 2 31:25

So that’s my line And by the way, this is a very very weird like co -ops don’t give that kind of authority They don’t they really don’t it’s really unusual. They don’t


Speaker 1 31:39

Tim was the treasurer and she wasn’t even allowed to see the books.


Speaker 3 31:42

Well, I was the secretary, but… Oh, secretary, I’m sorry. Still.


Speaker 1 31:44

Yeah, we should probably just take a quick break.


Speaker 2 31:47

Oh, this is a great spot for a break. Yeah, right?


Speaker 1 31:49

All right before it gets real


Speaker 2 31:53

And we’re back. So this guy, Peter Chamberlain, who’s one of the neighbors in this co -op and who’s also on the board, just had a funny feeling at some point. He’s like, something seems off, right? So he takes a look at the books and he sees that, you know, the millions of dollars that were spent on the lobby renovations are in the books, except there’s a problem.


Speaker 2 32:16

The lobbies weren’t renovated. Oh. Okay. Okay. So, you know, this is what you’re saying. The books have the books, renovations, expenses for lobby renovations, right? And there’s no renovations. There’s no renovations.


Speaker 2 32:30

This is what you call a red flag.


Speaker 1 32:33

We made it look exactly the same. It’s one minute.


Speaker 2 32:41

Yeah, you just you just just put these glasses on you’re not seeing it So, you know They come at him and ask these questions and he actually somehow convinces a few of the people on the board that no No, this is all legit.


Speaker 2 32:52

But this this one guy do Peter just keeps like no, no, no what is going on? eventually He has to confess that he’s actually stolen a mirror 4 .7 million dollars and from the car dipping his head


Speaker 3 33:08

and in the cookie jar. Yeah, yeah.


Speaker 1 33:10

Helly. Helly will not be pleased. Right. No


Speaker 2 33:14

He’s in on it That’s an open question. Okay. We don’t know so, you know, just like it just like happens with everyone else who gets caught stealing things He was allowed to just pay it back and go on with no consequences Oh, but he paid it back.


Speaker 2 33:26

Mm -hmm. But like imagine if you were anyone other than a rich


Speaker 1 33:36

They’re only going to trust a rich white guy with all that money, to be honest.


Speaker 2 33:40

living in the co -op who’s not a rich white guy right co -ops are famous or were I don’t know if this is still an issue but they would come up with all kinds of air quote reasons why certain kinds of people couldn’t live in their building and yeah I remember skin color or sexual orientation


Speaker 1 33:59

a story about Mariah Carey being denied an apartment by a co -op board.


Speaker 2 34:04

Well, it’s because she’s a little nuts. I love Mariah Carey, actually. I met her once and she was absolutely delightful.


Speaker 3 34:14

Is oh really? I mean, I believe she was delightful. I did


Speaker 2 34:18

almost ended up playing taboo with her. That’s… Yeah.


Speaker 1 34:22

Yeah, funny story, and it was her knowing Jerry that kept her from being accepted by


Speaker 2 34:28

Yeah, they’re like, I’m sorry, you’ve associated with this, uh, so anyways, um, so


Speaker 1 34:33

There’s trouble on both sides.


Speaker 2 34:35

So this all comes into play later, right? I just this is not just this is not just a Side it’s important that you understand that while all of this success is happening to Robert and Troubling his wife Nance Nancy who just wants to move back to the States now They’re stuck in Hong Kong back in the States brother.


Speaker 2 34:52

Andrew is getting his hand caught in the cookie jar Lucky, you know probably co -op didn’t want the bad press. So they’re like whatever just pay us back so because of this Andrew Kind of just dips out of that co -op and moves to Connecticut Greenwich Greenwich, Connecticut Now we’re up to about 2003 right He’s in Greenwich, Connecticut Robert and Nancy are still in Hong Kong right for years and years and They Robert Nancy have three kids now.


Speaker 2 35:26

Are they close?


Speaker 1 35:28

the brothers? Do they ever see each other? Do they ever?


Speaker 3 35:31

Their family was so horribly disfunctioned and yes, they they would vacation together with with the patriarch Bill okay, so it felt like it was always a shit show. Yeah, it was a messy family


Speaker 1 35:43

Yes, but did they ever go out to visit them in Hong Kong? No now. Okay. Oh


Speaker 2 35:47

You know who did visit them in Hong Kong? Mariah Carey. Who? No. Roz.


Speaker 1 35:54

their neighbor from New York yeah came to visit them in Hong Kong Roz visited and your


Speaker 2 35:58

I like it. Can I get some good moo goo guy pan exactly so Ross you guys Ross actually reported on that trip. She said She said nobody seemed happy. That’s my Ross voice. No one seemed happy Why is she reporting does she work for like the inquirers?


Speaker 2 36:18

Well? Yeah, I mean later actually yeah, I mean shit Lickations so shit’s gonna go down. I see Ross becomes their point of Rob Ross was someone who was interviewed and she says Bitter who wants the story Should be the Hong Kong real estate agent this apartment’s 20 ,000 I can get a fee for 18 She saw some things right she saw shit, and she said she said in Hong Kong She’d like she’s like I remember this you know this couple was happy and fun And oh she went to visit them and she said in Hong Kong They seemed very unhappy and Robert seemed exhausted she barely saw him right and he said Merrill Lynch at this point She’s at Merrill Lynch,


Speaker 2 36:55

and she says she saw no joy. There was no joy. Yeah, no joy. No joy Joy was out of town No joy, but they’re using a lot of dawn.


Speaker 3 37:07

And so now they’re they’re gonna be in Hong Kong and it was about this time too that their Relationships started to really give war of the roses


Speaker 1 37:17

Yeah, the Nancy Robert. Mm -hmm. Okay like the throwing plates at each other


Speaker 3 37:21

I wouldn’t be surprised but there’s right it had annoyed her that her brother and sister -in -law had a Multi -million -dollar house high up on Stratton Mountain near a ski resort in Greenwich in Vermont, and she was pissed that they just had a stupid condo


Speaker 1 37:42

$20 ,000 a month right


Speaker 3 37:43

So to appease her and to sort of just say, all right, you know what?


Speaker 1 37:50

Watch you, the sun.


Speaker 3 37:51

No, but he was like, look, here’s the thing, buy a house in Stratton, Vermont.


Speaker 2 37:57

Oh near near near Haley. Right. Right. So a month. Well, it’s for a ski. Right. I mean, they’re big. It’s like they’re all right. So it’s like and Stratton is like a like a fancy. Right. Right. She


Speaker 3 38:12

You could get a house and be like, look, Hailey, look, Andrew, my house is bigger than yours. So she could do that. So the budget was $2 million. You’ve been practicing that. Yes. Anyway. I was in rehearsal.


Speaker 3 38:25

So the budget was $2 million with an allowance for a million dollars. Renovation. Correct. Nancy was delighted and she got to glow to all her friends and family that the house was going to be her revenge.


Speaker 3 38:38

Her revenge? Yes. It would reflect nothing of her husband and she could show it off to her in -laws and be like, fuck you. The renovation started and the bills started to roll in and Rob started to freak out when he started to see the cost.


Speaker 1 39:01

But isn’t he making a fortune? Or maybe not that much of a fortune that you can just endlessly spend money on the money pit in Vermont.


Speaker 2 39:08

also remember they’re they’re having real relationship issues right she’s literally like fuck you I’m gonna go do this house right she’s like revenge so right whatever the money is he’s he’s already first probably wired to just be like triggered by the expenses


Speaker 3 39:23

Right, and let’s face it, I’m sure he’s looking at what’s coming in and going, what? And then it came a point where he said to her, look, I need for you to run these estimates by me before pulling the trigger.


Speaker 3 39:35

No pun intended. And this- Is that foreshadowing? No, actually.


Speaker 2 39:42

I wish we were that close.


Speaker 3 39:45

No, right. But this royally pissed her off. I can’t tell you this pissed her off. She was enraged. How fucking dare you treat me like a child and ask me to run the money that you’re making for this family by you kind of bullshit is that.


Speaker 1 40:11

Yeah, I feel like that you’re not just doing her your This all feels very familiar I will say like Kim get mad at me and then she’ll go to the supermarket to get the expensive cheese


Speaker 3 40:28

That’s true. I do. I’m like, I’m buying orgasm.


Speaker 2 40:31

I need to see all of these dairy expenses before you incur them. I need an estimate on your.


Speaker 1 40:35

cheese costs. She’s like, I’m not going to key food. I’m buying seven.


Speaker 3 40:38

$15 mill


Speaker 1 40:39

I’m going to buy the expensive ticket.


Speaker 2 40:42

Loving the murder? We’ve got more right after this quick word from our sponsor.


Speaker 1 40:50

All right, now back to slaycation. All right, so, okay, so now they’re having. Yeah. Now, is she spending time in Vermont away? Or is all this being done overseas?


Speaker 3 41:02

She would go, yeah. I mean, in the summer of 2002, she had told Rob that she was gonna go to Vermont to oversee some of this. And not before making a pit stop to New York and staying in a fancy hotel with her kids and the nanny, and just spending shitloads of money.


Speaker 3 41:26

She bought the Caliote Cab company. Well, she could. So now it’s Christmas, 2002, and Rob and Nancy are on holiday with the extended Kissel family. And they are at a fancy ski resort, staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for $3 ,000 a night.


Speaker 3 41:46

I’m obsessed with the money being spent.


Speaker 1 41:48

Yeah, what four seasons were in Vermont?


Speaker 3 41:50

Or? It was in British Columbia, which I think is Canada. Yeah. So this was interesting. At some point during this trip, their son became sick and was running a fever. She had said that she was gonna stay with the little boy while everybody else went off skiing.


Speaker 3 42:08

And this time she didn’t bring the nanny. They didn’t have the nanny with them. And Rob was reportedly annoyed by this because he had said that they could get somebody from the hotel to arrange a sitter.


Speaker 1 42:25

These guys are like back and forth he’s mad at her for not being a mom enough She finally is gonna honey mom things and now he’s mad at her. Yeah


Speaker 3 42:32

People. Right, exactly. These people. Dysfunction. All around. Right. They argued, and she would say that he pushed her down a flight of stairs. Wait, what? At some point, yeah. But again, there’s nothing to substantiate this.


Speaker 3 42:47

She had made a lot of these types of accusations, but there was nothing to ever prove. Right.


Speaker 1 42:56

Push me down the world’s longest escalator. Sorry. That’s a callback


Speaker 3 43:01

Okay, and she did an interesting thing too because they had an argument the following night Mind you she has three kids But he pissed her off and she took the kid got in a car and went back to Hong Kong


Speaker 2 43:15

Do that you can drive actually yeah, you can drive from British Columbia to Hong Kong. It’s amazing Little known factor that it’s a very tiny tunnel


Speaker 1 43:32

You say she put the kid in the car, drove to the airport, but that flew to Hawkeye. Okay, exactly. Got in the car. I thought maybe there was an ice road.


Speaker 2 43:39

You put it on an iceberg and wait for it to drift off.


Speaker 1 43:43

So, oh, during that trip?


Speaker 3 43:46

Yeah, so she went back to Hong Kong. Yeah, she just left right where she hates it. Yes, right, but where Rob isn’t right? Exactly at this point. It was just Especially didn’t go to her Vermont


Speaker 1 43:56

Mont -Chalet. Well. Oh.


Speaker 3 44:01

when SARS became a thing in March of 2003. Just a couple of months after all of this. Uh -huh. Rob put his wife, children, and the nanny on a plane to New York.


Speaker 2 44:14

Hong Kong. So just to for anyone listening who doesn’t know what that is, SARS was a pandemic outbreak in Asia in 2003. So the OG COVID. Right. So Nancy, so Rob and Nancy were both like, we got to get the kids out of out of Asia.


Speaker 2 44:32

So they packed up Nancy, I think what the nanny, the three kids, right. And they were going to go to Vermont to their house they had there by way of New York.


Speaker 3 44:43

OK, right, which seems how they did it was just.


Speaker 1 44:47

something in New York. No, just shopping.


Speaker 3 44:49

I don’t know if there was love.


Speaker 2 44:50

The other thing that was interesting is Rob stayed behind in Hong Kong to keep doing business, but he had a feeling something was going on. At this point, he just had a funny feeling about Nancy. Renovations.


Speaker 2 45:08

He just felt like there was something going on that he didn’t know about. He had just a hunch. And he hires this guy.


Speaker 1 45:16

So cheaters.


Speaker 2 45:17

Pretty much. He hires Frank Shea, a former NYPD detective turned private investigator.


Speaker 3 45:27

become good friends. Very good friends.


Speaker 2 45:29

over the course of what what’s about to happen. Oh, so the first thing Frank helps him do is put software on the computer, Nancy’s computer back in Hong Kong, that pretty immediately finds messages from a lover to Nancy.


Speaker 2 45:45

It’s not his brother, is it? No, no. Sorry. Yeah, I just lost a bet.


Speaker 1 45:52



Speaker 3 45:53

Wow. The hell is wrong? Sorry. We made a bet. The hell is wrong with you? What?


Speaker 2 46:00

So now, now, now they know some, she’s having some sort of at least a message affair. We don’t know if it’s what, what the nature of it is, but there’s some messages have been exchanged on her email.


Speaker 2 46:13

And it’s important to note here also, Rob, despite finding that actually feels really bad about snooping in her computer, but Frank Shea is like, she’s lying to you about something. So, so Frank is back in the States.


Speaker 2 46:26

And so is there a name on this?


Speaker 1 46:28

Or is it like coded or macho baby man or whatever?


Speaker 2 46:33

I don’t know if there was a name at this point. I didn’t see that. No.


Speaker 3 46:36

No, right now it’s really just suspicion. I think that he had a feeling that it was one of the workers putting in their home theater.


Speaker 2 46:51

Oh, which leads you to Frank Shea saying, well, I’m just going to go up to Stratton since she’s in Stratton and kind of hang out and see what I see. OK.


Speaker 1 47:01

Do you pretend to be a home theater worker?


Speaker 2 47:03

No, but he goes to Stratton and pretty immediately sees a worker van pull up, park on a dirt road a little bit away from the house, and sees a guy come out of the van and sneak into the house. When I was reading this, my thought was, wouldn’t you be worried that this was a home invasion?


Speaker 2 47:30

But because they’re operating in the realm of suspicion of an affair, Shay figures out that this is a guy called Michael Del Priore, who is a local TV installer who works for his brother Lance in Stratton installing wiring and stuff for home theaters.


Speaker 3 47:51

Right, which his and his brothers are born -again Christian. Yeah, just thought I’d mention that


Speaker 2 47:56

And his brother Lance, who owns the company, knows Robert’s brother, Andrew, because they’ve done work on Andrew’s house in Stratton. Gotcha. So Shay, Detective Shay, calls Robert in Hong Kong and is like, listen, this is the thing that’s happening.


Speaker 2 48:16

This guy, Michael, just pulled up, snuck into the house, and he’s in the house with your wife right now. Why do you do that? Why do you do that? Why do you do that? Why do you do that? Why do you do that?


Speaker 1 48:22

have to sneak in if they’re the only ones there like they think they’re alone why is he like parking down the road sneaking in now


Speaker 2 48:30

That’s weird. I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to be there that day. I don’t know. Maybe he was role -playing. Maybe.


Speaker 1 48:38

Do you even know how to install a home theater, sir?


Speaker 4 48:43



Speaker 2 48:43

It’s like.


Speaker 3 48:44

I think six soap operas wrapped in one. Right, right. At one point, Rob would talk to his daughter who would basically say something, because this gentleman had a little girl, a five -year -old little girl, and he would.


Speaker 3 48:58

The TV guy. Yeah, would bring her over to play with Nancy’s kids. All the other kids, right. And I guess the little girl started to get on the nerves of Nancy’s kids, started to get on her nerves, and she had shared that little tidbit with her dad.


Speaker 3 49:15

Oh, is that?


Speaker 2 49:16

That there was this guy over with this little girl, right, right, right


Speaker 3 49:20

And she said, and he’s sitting in your chair, and I told him to get out of your chair, and yeah. So of course, he’s like, oh.


Speaker 2 49:29

Yeah. So he calls. Rob calls Nancy immediately when Shae says there’s this guy in the house. So Rob calls Nancy while he’s on the phone with her, Shae, Detective Shae sees Michael, the TV guy, run out of the house, sneak back to his van, because now they know they’re being observed.


Speaker 2 49:48

  1. You know, the gig is up. So funny thing, just total sidebar is Lance, the born again, religious, older brother of TV repairman Michael, who who knows Robert’s brother, Andrew, from work done on their house, had actually told Michael, stay out of these people’s marriage.


Speaker 2 50:07

Right. And he said, that’s right. Stay, stay out of state. Just do your job. Don’t mess around. Right. He did not take that advice. No, apparently not. In fact, ends up getting fired by his brother for not taking the advice.


Speaker 2 50:20

He’s like, you’re not a.


Speaker 1 50:22

So many jobs lost.


Speaker 2 50:25

So, you know, and meanwhile, Michael, who is a TV repairman who lives in a trailer, by the way, in a trailer park, no judgment. Just saying, no, no, not a wealthy guy. Point being, he is from a different economic strata strata.


Speaker 2 50:40

OK, but he’s been given gifts by Nancy, you know, like bike.


Speaker 1 50:45

God, he has a 72 inch screen.


Speaker 2 50:53

An expensive watch you measure you measure it diagonally Yeah, he’s around jewelry and she started


Speaker 3 51:02

give him money, too, after he lost his job, because she…


Speaker 2 51:06

felt yeah and the other the other funny thing that comes out in all of this is so if you think about Nancy like she was this you know New York City aspiring actress model working at Caliente Cab you know did not go to college no she’s a pretty woman and pretty she’s you know she’s fun she was fun definitely not to she does not come from a world where she’s like too concerned with like the proper way to do things you know so she had wanted to get a tattoo on her arm of the kids the three kids astrological signs okay okay


Speaker 1 51:43

Totally cool. Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio.


Speaker 2 51:46

And Robert had said absolutely not right that


Speaker 3 51:51

Was that’s not right. He felt that was wildly inappropriate for a banker’s wife, right? I’ll confess I Would have gotten a tattoo. Yeah, but not because I was sleeping with the TV


Speaker 2 52:05

I don’t fucking care what you think, I’m gonna get a tattoo. So he said no. So now this guy, Michael, the TV guy who she’s having this affair with, is into tattoos. And she tells him about this and he goes, oh cool, I got a tattoo guy.


Speaker 2 52:19

So he takes her to get these tattoos. She gets the tattoos.


Speaker 1 52:24

Seems like a secondary issue, but, uh, well,


Speaker 2 52:27

to be mad about it’s less about being mad or not but more like basically this guy Michael he’s this 50 year old I mean you couldn’t pick a more this is not it’s not like she’s shacking up with like some hot snowboard and it feels like a revenge right it’s all just a nice guy and she’s taking


Speaker 1 52:45

that money tattooed my wife right and then you fucked her


Speaker 2 52:51

And the tattoo weirdly was supposed to be astrological signs, but it just says I fucked your wife


Speaker 1 52:57

Michael was here. Michael was here.


Speaker 2 52:59

God damn it. Michael was here. Y ‘all play too much. Y ‘all play too much. Oh, my God. Anyway, so point being, I’m saying all this to say, she’s just, she’s found somebody who just, like, is down to clown.


Speaker 2 53:12

Right. Right. Exactly. Let’s get tattoos, let’s hang out. There’s no fucking 20 ,000 crazy, you know, nannies and stuff. This guy is just a very salt of the earth guy who lives in Stratton, and she’s really enjoying the affection and attention.


Speaker 2 53:27



Speaker 3 53:29

Definitely, definitely.


Speaker 2 53:31

Robert had called you know and said we know that there’s I know I’ve seen your emails I know there’s someone in the house I know what’s going on what do you want to do and she says I want to work on the marriage right well I work on it


Speaker 3 53:44

Right and said that she needed to come back. Yeah, to she is an actress


Speaker 1 53:50

Well, I think that’s it for now.


Speaker 2 53:52

Yes. She sure is. So, she says, I want to work on the marriage. She goes back to Hong Kong at that point, right?


Speaker 3 54:02

And there’s a point, too, where- Completely tatted up, head to toe, sleeves. Not head to toe, but she did have one on her shoulder. And that did create a problem. There came a point, too, where Rob was going to need surgery.


Speaker 3 54:16

Oh, yeah, right.


Speaker 2 54:16

He needed back surgery in New York, right, right


Speaker 1 54:20

All roads lead back to New York, literally.


Speaker 2 54:23

has to go to New York for his back surgery okay while he’s in New York Nancy of course flies over with him to be with him right


Speaker 3 54:30

because she and he was very touched by that he felt yes because they had already began to discuss like this infidelity this we’re gonna heal we’re gonna this we’re gonna that blah blah blah blah


Speaker 1 54:43

I have no idea who’s gonna kill who this is very good stuff. I think this might be a two -parter. There’s more Okay


Speaker 2 54:53

This just gets crazier and crazier.


Speaker 1 54:55

All right. So this is part one. We’ll see you on part two next week.


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